God of Fortune Greetings For All

Visiting during Chinese New Year and have no idea what to say? Giant is here to help you with a cheat sheet of top 10 auspicious greetings to get you through the festivities with confidence.

Better yet, save our auspicious greetings’ GIFs below to your phone and text it to all your relatives for extra points, and watch your ang baos roll in to fill those piggy banks!

Download this gif!Taking the Lead

This Chinese idiom is taken from the Chinese classic, “Heroes of the Water Margin”, chapter 96, where the author wrote: “Once the soldiers were done forming their lines, a lone horse charged ahead, racing down the mountain with a formidable force.” The original meaning of the idiom describes how the cavalry takes the lead, and charges ahead to battle.

It can also be used to describe taking the lead at work, akin to throwing all competition far behind. For example: In the race, our little brother took the lead right from the start. He was the first to cross the finish line and won the championship.

New Year greeting: May blessing come upon you in the Year of the Dog. May you take the lead in life and may happiness surround you! May you race ahead, be full of laughter and be united with your family in joyous celebration!

This greeting is applicable for: friends in general, colleagues and classmates.

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Download this gif!Best of Both Worlds

This idiom can be used to describe two perfect things, or handling matters such that both sides are taken into consideration and both sides benefitted.

The story dates back to the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, when Dong Zhuo wielded great power in the imperial courts. The Minister over the Masses, Wang Yun and his adopted daughter, Diao Chan plotted to get rid of Dong Zhuo. Part of the plan was to give Diao Chan to Lu Bu in marriage. Lu Bu was delighted. He felt that he as a brave hero, deserved a lovely bride – the perfect match.

Specifically, the idiom means when handling matters, one takes into consideration both sides, fulfilling both aspects, and both parties benefitted and are satisfied. For example: If your mother can live with us, we can take care of her; and she in turn can help with the children, is it not the best of both worlds?

New Year greeting: I wish you good fortune and many blessings, the best of both worlds!

This greeting is applicable for: superiors, friends, colleagues, and relatives.

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Smooth Fortune

The Chinese classic, “Zhou Yi” (or “I-Ching”), describes the continuous as positive, the broken as negative, the first month (of the lunar new year) as good, followed by the “San Yang”, which signals the end of winter, and the coming of spring, the weakening of the “Yin” and growth of the “Yang”, which is an auspicious sign. This idiom is thus an auspicious greeting.

The character “Tai”, in the “zhuan” form, means “smooth”, and can be further extended to mean “smooth flowing” and “comfortable”.  Literally, the idiom means that movement, kindness and happiness can generate positive energy, which signals the end of winter, and the coming of spring, the decline of the “yin” and growth of the “yang”. Hence the idiom describes an auspicious time of prosperity, good fortune, peace and good health!

Another interpretation can be derived from Taoist beliefs. The “Tai” symbol represents the first month of the lunar calendar. It further explains “qian” as the heavens, “kun” as the earth, the rising and falling of “qi” between heaven and earth means that the “yin” and the “yang” are in harmony, and all living beings are in a smooth flowing state of growth. This idiom is later used to wish others a smooth career, with no bad luck or obstructions.

New Year greeting: During this time of new beginnings, I wish you smooth fortune. May peace, prosperity, and good luck follow you!

This greeting is applicable for: elders in general, superiors, friends, colleagues, and relatives.

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Four Seasons of Wealth

The four seasons are spring, summer, autumn and winter. There are three months to each season. The first, fourth, seventh and tenth months of the lunar calendar mark the beginning of each season. Hence “four seasons” generally refers to a year.

The idiom means a whole year of good fortune and prosperity. Literally, there is always money coming into your pockets all year round, suggesting that you will never lack money. What a beautiful picture! That is why this idiom is popularly used as a greeting, especially for businessmen and investors.

New Year greeting: May the New Year bring new fortunes. May you enjoy four seasons of wealth, until your hands are tired from counting money!

This greeting is applicable for: elders, superiors, relatives and friends who own a business, are engaged in investing or enjoy gambling.

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Download this gif!(Five) Blessings at Your Door

In this widely known idiom, five blessings refer to longevity, wealth, health, good virtues, and a good end. It means the person is blessed with a long life, riches, good health, peace of mind, good virtues, experience no troubles nor tragedies, and come to a good end in life. This is the earliest interpretation of “blessing” in Chinese culture. However, with the mention of “end” (death) a Chinese taboo, the five blessings later became: longevity, wealth, honour, happiness, and abundant descendants.

In other words, the five blessings now reflect a higher expectation, a more spiritual perspective of what constitutes a happy and fulfilled life. The five are as one, and lacking one will render the picture incomplete. Therefore, this idiom deeply embodies the warm wishes of many blessings and happiness for the new year!

New Year greeting: I wish you (1) wealth, (2) vitality, (3) good fortune, (4) peace and (5) blessings for a Happy New Year!

This greeting is applicable for: mainly elders, older friends and colleague.

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Download this gif!Enjoy Great Success

The ancient Chinese text “Zuo Zhuan” said: when the leader is honourable, the follower is capable, the father is kind, the son is filial, the older brother is loving and the younger brother is respectful, they culminate to become the “Liu Shun” (six successes).

Alternatively, in ancient poetry competition (often over wine), double six also means very successful.

However, the actual idiom is probably derived from the ancient Chinese text, “I-Ching”. There are references to the six hexagrams in “I-Ching”. “Six” represents the “yin” (vs “nine” represents the “yang”). Six-sixes represents a “kun” hexagram, which is very unlucky. To counteract this, people took to saying the opposite, “六六大顺” which literally means “six-sixes be very lucky”, to express their desire for good luck. Nowadays, the idiom is commonly used to wish people success in their career and good health. For example: They are very lucky; in every situation they are able to avert disasters and achieve good results.

New Year greeting: May you avert disasters and achieve good results, enjoy great success, and happiness every day!

This greeting is applicable for: friends in general, colleagues and related peers.

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Download this gif!(Seven) Good News Coming Your Way

The idiom means there are good news coming your way.

In ancient Chinese astrology, the Big Dipper consists seven stars, named Tianshu, Tianxuan, Tianji, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang and Yaoguang. During different seasons and times of the night, the Big Dipper appears in different positions in the sky. Hence, ancient Chinese used the position of handle of the Dipper in the early evening sky to determine the seasons. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Big Dipper is positioned around the full moon, creating a lovely, harmonious picture of a world glowing with light.

In Taoism, the Big Dipper represents a deity who specialises in helping people solve their problems. The deity resides in the “Seven Palace of Beidou”, in the Big Dipper. Hence, people like to use the idiom to infer that happy things and good news are coming your way and staying around you.

New Year greeting: In the Year of the Pig, may good news come your way, may happiness surrounds you, and fortune smiles brightly on you!

This greeting is applicable for: friends in general, colleagues and relatives.

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Download this gif!Gathering Together (from eight directions)

“Ba Fang” refers to the eight compass directions, namely north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest; it means from multiple directions, and people from all walks of life.

The word “Yunji” means “to gather”. It is taken from the Han Dynasty text “Guo Qin Lun” by Jia Yi, which said: “let us chop trees to make weapons, strip bamboo to make flags. People all over the world, hear this call and gather. We will find food locally. Let the heroes from the east of the mountains rise up and overthrow the Qin.” Hence the term “Yunji” describes how a multitude of people from all over the world gather together like clouds, or like heroes uniting, resulting in a formidable force.

When we combine the words, it becomes a metaphor for a gathering of many people from everywhere, responding to a call, and resulting in a lively and boisterous atmosphere!

New Year greeting: In the New Year, may wealth gather together to you and may you enjoy great fortune and abundance every year!

This greeting is applicable for: mainly elders, friends, colleagues and relatives who are involved in businesses or finance sectors.

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Download this gif!Long-lasting Happiness

The number nine is the largest single digit positive integer, and hence seen as the largest number. In ancient times, it was associated with images of plentiful, maximum, and even nobility.

In modern times, “nine” is also written as “玖”, the homonym for “long”, inferring a long time. Hence “nine” can also mean many times, or long-lasting.

The combination of “nine” and “long” thus mean an even longer time, longer-lasting. The meaning can be extended to become a wish for good luck and happiness that will never end. The idiom is therefore very auspicious. For example: when we cook noodles, be careful not to let the strands break, because it symbolises a long life.

New Year greeting: May the New Year brings you a new hope, peace and safety, as well as long-lasting happiness!

This greeting is applicable for: newly-weds, or friends, colleagues and relatives who are married with a family of their own.

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Attain Perfection

This (Han) Chinese idiom means complete, perfect and lacking nothing.

The term “Shiquan” is taken from the ancient Chinese text, “Zhou Li -Tian Guan -Yi Shi”. It states: “at the end of the year, when the Chinese physician reviews his career and tally how many patients he had saved, ten ou

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