Goodness Gang Colouring Contest

Take part in the goodness gang colouring contest from now till 30 April! The top 3 entries will win an exclusive 1-metre Goodness Gang plushy! Get your kids and the entire family together and start colouring!

Follow these simple steps to take part:

  1. Download the colouring sheet here and start colouring!
  2. Upload your masterpiece in the comments section of the Facebook post below!

Goodness Gang Colouring Contest

Wah everybody! Giant just launched a colouring contest for Goodness Gang! Faster go and print out the colouring sheet and ask ALL your children to colour! Then comment and show Aunty ah! Best one will win a 1M Goodness Gang plushie!

Click on the learn more button to download the colouring sheet ok!

Posted by Giant Super Savers Club on Thursday, March 22, 2018