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Junaidi Abdullah, Jun 28, 2019

After the reno works. It's more clean and organized than before.

Tortoisepoop, Jun 03, 2019

If there was an option to rate it as ZERO stars I would do it... The staffs were awful and they were reluctant to help out; they choose who they want to help. On 2 June 2019, at around 3-4pm, I asked the plump Chinese staff at the fourth counter away from the customer service counter for a price check. She told me rudely that the counter was not opened yet and that she needed to count the money in the register and that it would take a long time. Afterwards, I walked off to another counter. But when I looked back, I saw that plump cashier serving the customer who was behind me. Who was that customer? Was she a VIP? Why did the cashier serve that customer even though she had not STARTED counting the money in the register. HOW CAN I APPLY FOR THIS VIP POSITION SO THAT I WOULD NOT HAVE TO FACE THE SAME PROBLEM IN THE FUTURE, HOW MUCH DO I HAVE TO PAY TO BECOME A VIP? I would like to be a VIP if it is affordable. Also, they charged me an extra cup noodles cost. I realised it after leaving the store. So, I went back to check with the customer service staff. She asked me for the receipt and I passed it to her. She went ?No what correct what!?. It was very obvious that she had keyed in an extra product but she kept insisting that she didn?t. When the manager came in to clarify things, he sided with her, and said that she was right. We spent a while clarifying things (after refunding and rekey-ing everything back), and it turned out that I was right instead. WHAT A WASTE of my time, and theirs. And of course not mentioning the other customers? time too. Such an easy task, but they don?t even know what they are doing yet they are serving at the customer service counter? WHAT A SERVICE. THEY DIDNT EVEN APOLOGISE AFTER REALISING THAT THEY WERE WRONG. When I went back to check the receipt, they indicated that the reason for refunding and rekeying is ?customer buy wrong item?. Is this how customer service should be like? Blaming and not apologising? This isn?t the first time that I?ve been served so nastily in this outlet. But I?ve always believed that everyone deserves chances. However, today?s situation has really woke me up as I feel that they should be further trained/waken up by the management (but of course people who knows how to do things, unlike the manager) to prevent future unhappy shopping trips by myself or other customers. I hope I can receive an explanation regarding this SOON. Thank you.

TK P, Mar 27, 2019

Glad we have Giant in this neighbourhood. Pity it is not big enough to provide more variety of goods. Still it provide good service.

ManPeace, Jan 16, 2019

Giant where we buy lots of groceries from home. I always go to hougang mall Giant. It's a walking distance from my house.

jing teo, Jan 02, 2019

Medium sized Giant supermarket with the standard fares.

rajinder chauhan, Dec 10, 2018

Almost every shop available here for your daily routine needs and nice open place for having foods and drinks

Aryn Chua, Nov 03, 2018

Not all ingredients are available as its located in de neighbourhood area but overall you can find what you need

Ch Mu, Oct 19, 2018

The name goes with the shop :) you get anything and everything in this shop

BEE BEE LIM, Oct 06, 2018

staff not so helpful

Jeremy Yau, Sep 05, 2018

Good Bargain

Chris Seah, Aug 18, 2018

Good range of groceries at value prices

maxyeap, Jul 19, 2018

Fruits are cheap sometimes

Willy Man, May 26, 2018

Giant the same everywhere in Singapore. Visit if items on promotion. :)

BH Cheng, Mar 11, 2018

Hygiene need improvement

Rayman Hoo, Feb 18, 2018

Good place to shop

Neo Yam Hui, Jul 01, 2017

Inside always got one kind funny smell. Not nice

Sia, Mar 06, 2017

This is a very small supermarket. Do not expect much. Fruits tends to be limited. Cashiers are always very slow. Doesn't serve with smile.