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barkath ali mohamed iqbal, Jun 13, 2019

Opens 24 hours.. Very convenient now

chee chin hin, Jun 04, 2019

Great but kinda crowded there but go there! It's nice...

Review Review, May 23, 2019

Except the Long queue for payment, u find quality goods in giant...u find meat, chicken, vegetables fresh in giant..but u can?t find all varieties, it?s limited and seasonal at times

Jordan Tai, May 19, 2019

Open 24/4 hours. They serve beer on the shelves but check the fridges near the self checkout counter for chilled beer. Try to avoid going around 10:30 when there are very few cashiers and very long queues.

Sabiah Hyoom, Apr 14, 2019

Alot of ppl queuing but only a few counter open for payment.

Sulaiman Hamifah, Apr 14, 2019

Average Giant supermarket located within Tampines Mart. Long queues at cashiers especially in the early morning. However, recent addition of self checkout counters helps. Some items are fresher and cheaper than wet market next door. Surrounded by Kopitiam, Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizza hut and other shops. Parking is free for 1st 30mins; better to park at ground floor as 2nd floor parking is one of the most cramped in Sg with many scratch marks as proof.

tan guan yih, Apr 01, 2019

Was great bought a dishwashing 1litre for 2.50 only.Big sturdy bottle too very worth????????

maureen goh, Apr 01, 2019

Fresh meat & fish ball/cake section don't look appetising. Fish parts like head & bones are very costly. Trays of salmon bones with hardly any fish meat on it are sold at almost $4 - $5 per tray. That's very expensive.

navgamma, Mar 14, 2019

Recently revamped, superb Giant outlet.

Sam Teo, Feb 24, 2019

Convenience and friendly staff ??.

Suresh Kumar, Feb 07, 2019

Regular neighborhood giant supermarket. Sometimes the salmon here is cheaper than. In the outside wet market.

KW Low, Jan 30, 2019

A hidden gem in loyang / pasir ris area

xxcrazycupcakexx2112, Jan 29, 2019

I like giant supermarket as it's very convenient

Wei Han Teo, Jan 26, 2019

Not enough Counters for check out. Checking out becomes very slow.

Gururaj Tiwari, Dec 21, 2018

Good place for shopping with all kind of shops around 24 hours giant is an added advantage #Tampines

Carolyn Chia, Sep 02, 2018

It's located at Tampines street 32 There is a wet market beside this supermarket where the vege stall operating 24hours. Beside that there is MacDonald, KFC, Watson, Japan Home ...

Mandy Lim, Aug 25, 2018

Tampines Mart Giant opens 24 hrs, hence bring convenience to residents nearby. But not much varieties of fresh fruits & veggies at late night.

Betty Lim, Aug 07, 2018

Bad customer service... Things that was sold at Tampines was not sold at Giant Bedok... and many other issues... U are encouraging your loyal customer to support Sheng Siong or NTUC... If u are able to check my records u will be able to track down how much i spend at Tampines every month.... Very disappointing....

Tan Jin Yi, Jul 15, 2018

Cashiers take their time. No self-checkout available. Selection is mediocre at best.

fony choon, May 20, 2018

I like Giant supermarket connected next to kopitiam food court, after food I used to buy groceries and toiletries. Very convenient for me. ???

Robbie Say, May 18, 2018

Giant supermarket is a good place to go to buy groceries or generally foods at home. Items here are priced reasonably and they sell a huge variety of items too. Giant also is usually very spacious and clean which improves the shopping experience too. My gripe about this place is that it can get pretty crowded at times compared to other supermarkets such as giant or fair price.

Bryan Lee, May 09, 2018

Some time their items are not fresh. At times even the rotten fruits are on display. Prices are not so competitive as NTUC or other supermarkets. No competition from other big players thus prices are not the better supermarkets than others around Tampines.

Ragde Seyer, Apr 29, 2018

A good weekend trip to buy the stuff. Convenient location in the neighborhood

Ezekiel Ng, Apr 06, 2018

Simple, reasonable place to shop for your everyday groceries

Rubens Benzjak, Mar 12, 2018

Those stay in tampines block 200 till 350 can enjoy reasonable n affordable food here

Carmen Ocaña, Dec 26, 2017

Good price clean and convenient. Excellent service.

Christina Teng, Oct 24, 2017

All basic ingredients are available. However it has no more fresh duck which is the purpose of my visit today. End up with two marinated pepper steak at $12 for two big pieces in vacuumed pack. Value for money.

EKL T, Oct 18, 2017

My convenient supermarket but not a favourite, be careful of the foods when buying, remember to check on expiry dates and look on freshness. Price is higher compare buying at NTUC. Only recommended for convenient shopping or small buying.