5 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Kitchen

Dreaming of knocking down walls and building your dream kitchen, but don't have the budget? Consider starting small instead! Small updates to the kitchen, from decoration to organization, can meaningfully transform the way you interact with your space. When a kitchen runs smoothly, you eat well, order takeaway less, and enjoy cooking much more. Refreshing your kitchen so that it works for your taste and lifestyle, can make life a whole lot easier. Here's how!

1. Create zones

When on a mission to refresh your kitchen, a great place to start is by creating zones. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and sort out what you wish to keep, and what you no longer have use for (donate or give away where possible!). The rule of thumb is – organise and group utensils, tools, and ingredients close to where they are used. Keep your pans and cookware near the stove, crockery, and cutlery close to where you serve meals and cleaning products under the sink. Keep food containers close to the fridge, and store spices and seasonings near where you prepare food. This simple way of reorganising your kitchen will mean you don’t spend half your time figuring out where everything is and get tasty meals out in no time.

2. Invest in clear reusable containers

Have you ever fished out a container from the back of your fridge, unsure of its contents and expiration? Ever had to deal with a cupboard full of cooking ingredients stuffed into reusable bags and promptly forgotten? We’ve all been there! Refresh the way you organise your food by investing in quality reusable containers in a range of sizes. Reusable plastic containers are a perfect start to your collection because they are affordable, durable and microwavable. Use them to store leftover food, pack your children’s lunches, and organise your cupboards. Ingredients such as turmeric and tomato sauce are prone to staining plastic containers and leaving behind odours. Choose glass or stainless steel containers when storing food of this nature.

In addition to that, take the guesswork out by arming yourself with a trusty marker and masking tape to label and date the contents. Having a clear system of storing, organising and labelling your food also means less waste and more savings! Bonus!

3. Accessorise your space

Is your kitchen looking a little drab and you don’t want to spend a fortune on an overhaul? The good news is that small design touches can dramatically change the way you feel about your space! Take inspiration from Pinterest, and see how the experts pull the looks together and adapt it to suit your taste and budget. Try injecting a bit of personality with accessories, such as microfibre towels and memory foam mats that come in an array of fun colours. They are vibrant, highly functional and easy to incorporate into your refreshed kitchen, making the time you spend in the kitchen more enjoyable.If you’re in the market to replace some tired appliances, consider this range of dreamy pastel appliances that you’ll not only love using but they will also look fabulous on your kitchen counter. If you have an impressive collection of cookbooks, why hide them in cabinets? Use your favourites as décor and dedicate an open shelf to displaying them! Sparking joy yet?4. Maximise every inch

If the clutter on your kitchen counter makes you grimace, you are not alone! Our living spaces might be shrinking, but that creates more room for creativity. Equip yourself with clever storage solutions that can maximise every inch of your kitchen space. Take advantage of tall cabinets with layered racks. They double your space in an instant and provide easy access to differently-sized tools and crockery. If you notice that the clutter happens mainly around the sink, stainless steel racks can help you sort out dishes. Do you have a small under-utilised nook? Tuck in a stylish 3-tier trolley which can house your onions and avocados. It also doubles as an extra work surface that you can wheel to any location you need. Should you need a simple solution for hanging frequently-used tools and dish towels, look no further than the popular 3M hooks that can be reused over and over again.

5. Turn your kitchen into a great social space

Gone are the days when the kitchen was used solely for cooking. Today, the kitchen has developed into the multi-functional hub of a home where families interact, entertain guests and even eat meals. Not all of us have the luxury of installing a kitchen island with a marble counter and brass hardware, like the ones we envy on the cover of magazines. We can, however, invite interaction with the easy addition of a couple of trendy bar stools. Stylish and practical, they allow guests to interact with you over a drink, while you whip up a feast. The stools also create a cosy spot in the mornings for a quick cereal while you breeze through the news on your mobile.Refreshing your kitchen doesn’t have to be time-consuming or break the bank. Minor updates can have a major impact on the way you use your kitchen. Adapt these tips and tricks to your lifestyle and personal taste, and watch how your space transforms to serve you and your family better! Let Giant’s range of furniture and home accessories help you achieve your ideal home!