Product Recall

Koi Fish Brand Cinnamon Powder (50g)

Koi Fish Brand Cinnamon Powder (50g)

· Best before date: 16/1/2025
· Country of origin: China

Date of Recall: 02/05/2024

Dear Customers,

We are conducting a product recall for the

Koi Fish Brand Cinnamon Powder, according to Singapore Food Agency’s (SFA) direction due to exceeding levels of lead found in the product. As the implicated products were imported into Singapore, SFA has directed the importer, YCT Import & Export Pte Ltd, to recall the products. The recall is ongoing.

Heavy metals such as lead are naturally present in the environment and can enter our food when the animals and plants we eat come into contact with water, soil and the seabed. Based on levels detected, a once-off consumption of the affected products is unlikely to be of food safety concern. However, long-term intake of high levels of lead are associated with effects on multiple organs, including kidney and liver, and systems, including the cardiovascular, haematological, immune, reproductive and nervous systems.

Customers who have purchased the implicated products are advised not to consume it.

Whilst we have not received any related complaints from customers to date, we have since swiftly withdrawn all affected products from our shelves as the health and safety of our customers remain our top priority.

The affected batch of products were sold at Giant stores.

Any customers who have purchased this affected batch or have any concerns may contact our customer service team at: 6891 8100 or

We apologise for the inconvenience caused, but the health and wellbeing of our customers continues to be our top priority, and we thank you for your kind understanding.