10 Cheapest Wines In Singapore Taste Test

It’s great to mark big milestones—such as birthdays, anniversaries, or getting your dream job—or simply unwind at the end of a long day by opening a bottle of wine. What makes it even better is that you don’t have to spend too much for a bottle of wine.

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That’s why we rounded up 10 bottles of wine under $50. We also asked a few wine enthusiasts to try them in a blind taste test. We asked them to “guess-timate” the price of each bottle. When the actual prices were revealed later on, there were quite a few that pleasantly shocked our wine aficionados. We’re sure you will be, too.

Merlot Van Loveren

1. Merlot, Van Loveren (2016), 750 ml

Some of our reviewers described this merlot as rich-bodied while others found it more medium-bodied. Then again, all of them agreed that this merlot’s energising flavours—earthy woody tones—goes excellently with steak or any other red meat. It’s “almost like ginseng,” said one of our reviewers, speaking of its spicy finish.

“Guess-timate” Price: $40 to $80
Actual Price: $18.90

Pinot Noir Van Loveren

2. Blue Velvet Pinot Noir, Van Loveren (2016), 750 ml

While its South African manufacturer believes this pinot noir “shows upfront fruit flavours of raspberries,” our reviewers found its fruity flavour a bit subtle and mellow, with woody, smoky tones. One of our reviewers thought it was “a little bitter” with a light acidity.

“Guess-timate” Price: $35 to $120
Actual Price: $18.90

White Zinfandel Five Oaks

3. White Zinfandel, Five Oaks, 750 ml

“A chilled glass of this apple-scented wine would be good for hot summers,” said one of our reviewers. Its floral and fruity tones and slightly fizzy texture makes it easy to drink, especially before a hearty meal.

“Guess-timate” Price: $15 to $70
Actual Price: $25.90. Buy at Giant Online.

 Cabernet Sauvignon, Berri Estates

4. Cabernet Sauvignon, Berri Estates (2016), 750 ml

This full-bodied red wine has berry notes with hints of plum and a smoky finish, yet it is still easy to drink. “I like bolder wines, so this one is alright for me,” said one reviewer, although another found the berry flavour “a bit too strong.” Its spicy aftertaste makes it a perfect match for steak or any savoury dish.

“Guess-timate” Price: $20 to $75
Actual Price: $19.90. Buy at Giant Online.

 Chardonnay Copper Ridge

5. Chardonnay, Copper Ridge California, 750 ml

“Okay, I’m a fan,” said one of our reviewers, who liked this white wine’s crisp and not-so-buttery texture. “It’s elegant but easy, with a bit of a floral aroma,” said another tester, who added, “I bet this would be around $100.” Naturally, the tester was shocked when we made the big price reveal.

“Guess-timate” Price: $60 to $100
Actual Price: $19.90. Buy at Giant Online.

Sauvignon Blanch

6. Sauvignon Blanc, French Cellars (2016), 750 ml

This white wine has a citrusy aroma, perhaps due to its passionfruit tones, with a little spicy, crisp finish. “It has high citrus tones, but the notes are well-balanced,” said one reviewer, although another found it “one-dimensional, but pleasant.”

“Guess-timate” Price: $15 to $60
Actual Price: $19.90. Buy at Giant Online.

Claro Chardonnay

7. Chardonnay, Claro Wine of Chile (2017), 750 ml

“It has that extra burst of citrus—which is a little overwhelming,” one tester said, while another described it as “light and tropical.” They weren’t very surprised when we revealed its price. “It’s not bad, but I prefer the crisp French Chardonnay.”

“Guess-timate” Price: $15 to $25
Actual Price: $16.90

Claro Cabernet Sauvignon

8. Cabernet Sauvignon, Claro Wine of Chile (2017), 750 ml

If you’re looking for a balance between fruity tones and a spicy finish, then this could be the wine for you. “I think the spice is coming from its very well-pronounced acidity,” said one reviewer.

“Guess-timate” Price: $25 to $30
Actual Price: $16.90

Syrah Winemaker's Reserve

9. Syrah, Winemaker’s Reserve (2015)

Although syrah is usually darker and full-bodied, our reviewers found this one “light enough to drink on its own.” One found it a bit buttery and mellow, but with high notes of currant and low notes of plum, with subtle rosey notes.

“Guess-timate” Price: $40 to $75
Actual Price: $17.90. Buy at Giant Online.

Chenin Blanc Paradise Valley

10. Chenin Blanc, Paradise Valley (2016)

Our reviewers found this white wine “very refreshing,” thanks to its crisp yet moderate acidity. Most of them agreed that it would be best on its own, while others thought it could also go well with a sweet, rich fish-based dish. Although this is the cheapest in the list, it was definitely a favourite among all of our testers.

“Guess-timate” Price: $30 to $80
Actual Price: $15.90. Buy at Giant Online.

They say you can’t put a price tag on class. On the other hand, a good bottle of wine doesn’t have to be expensive. With so many options for delicious yet affordable wine available at Giant , you can easily impress your guests at your next dinner party.