Home Cooked Food: 15 Quick And Easy DIY Meals

Cooking should be a joy, but more often than not, it may be deemed a burden by those who have just come home from a long day at work and want to rest. Some may resort to dining out regularly to avoid having to prepare ingredients, cook the food, and wash the dishes. But ultimately, having home-cooked meals is not only healthier, but also easier on the pocket.

There is a myriad of home cooked food you can easily prepare within 30 minutes, especially with the wide availability of ready-to-cook pre-mixes and pre-cut ingredients in Giant supermarkets. And if you don’t have the luxury of time to go grocery shopping, you can easily order your ingredients online and let us deliver to you!

Here, we have 15 home-cooked recipes specially designed according to your budgets and tiredness level. Recipes labelled ‘Very Tired’ can be whipped up in under 15 minutes, the ones under ‘Neutral’ cook in 15-20 minutes, and the ones tagged ‘Not So Tired’ can be achieved in 20-30 minutes.

Click on the buttons below and see the perfect home-cooked meals for your budget and tiredness level!