Top 10 Ways For Spotting Instant Noodles Promotions
So you like instant noodles. No, you love them. The slurpable noodles, the aroma, the comfort its warm broth brings.

You love instant noodles so much that you’ve bookmarked The Ultimate 100 Asian Flavours Instant Noodles Taste Test 2017. Well, here’s another treat for you: a list that will clue you in on the top ways to score instant noodles deals and discounts.

Sounds great? Time to heed our handy tips that will take you to instant noodles heaven.

1. Befriend your aunties and get the best lobangs from them!

One way to instantly spot instant noodles promotions is by befriending your aunties who know their grocery shopping lobangs. We’re pretty sure they know the ongoing Giant promotions for instant noodles because 1) they shop at Giant a lot; 2) they have a super-sized collection of newspaper clippings on Giant deals and promotions; and 3) shopping is so much a part of them that they can already feel when a promo is coming up.

Take this chance to get some helpful knowledge from the aunties, such as new hearty instant noodle flavours to try and the best drinks or side dishes to take them with. Of course, don’t forget to help them with their shopping bags after a fruitful grocery shopping experience at Giant. You’ll love them, but they’ll love you more for this.

2. Check for instant noodles coupons on websites.

Sometimes, the key to unlocking the best deals is just at the tip of your fingers. With just a few clicks or taps, you can access exciting instant noodles promotions along with other items of your liking.

Use your internet-savvy skills to get the lowdown on the hottest deals around town. Check out these sites for some helpful information:

  • CheapCheapLah is practically word-of-mouth brought online. The site has community members submitting and voting on the hottest deals, promos, freebies, and competitions in Singapore.
  • CupoNation gives you access to the best deals and coupons from more than 300 retailers so you won’t miss an opportunity to get big savings with your purchases.
  • iPrice Singapore is another treasure trove of coupons from a huge selection of brands and products. It serves as consumers’ personal consultant when searching and buying products online.
  • You can also head to iVoucherCodes to browse through hundreds of coupons that will surely fire up your inner kiasu-ness. Online shoppers also visit this site to look for hot deals and vouchers that can cut their shopping cost in half.
  • And to make sure you don’t miss out on anything, bookmark Great Deals for some of the best deals in town. The site also provides reviews and reports on latest sale and promotional events.
3. Abandon your online shopping cart…and hold your breath for coupons.

According to experts, when you leave your desired items in your online shopping cart, there’s a chance that retailers will email you a coupon or offer for a better price (but make sure you have an account with the site and are logged in when you do this). So do abandon your online shopping cart with your favourite instant noodles and who knows, you might receive vouchers really soon!

Try this trick and see if it works for you. What would you lose if you try? Nothing. What would you gain if you get the coupon? Buying bliss.

4. Go to Giant and be chummy with your Giant aunty or uncle.

Who said grocery shopping should just be an in and out affair? Treat it like a regular visit to your closest friends!

Start by engaging the friendly Giant staff in small conversations. By establishing good rapport with them, they might just let you in on the instant noodle promotions, amongst many other thrilling offers and handy tips about their products—and life in general.

5. Spot Value on What Counts ads in the newspapers.

Singapore shoppers love racking up the lowest priced deals to get the best value for money. This is one of the reasons Value on What Counts is such a huge hit!

Value on What Counts is Giant’s promotional offer that assures customers of the most economical price on selected top-selling products. This promise encourages customers to compare the prices with competitors—guaranteeing a double-the-price-difference refund when you spot the same items at a lower price!

Check out The Straits Times every Thursday and you might just spot some instant noodles deals that will have you rushing to the nearest Giant branch.

Watch this video to learn more:

6. wait for Giant's weekly promotions.

Simply put, these are Giant’s many ways of satiating your hunger for the best deals and promotions. Wear your kiasu crown by regularly asking yourself: What products can I get cheaper on my next supermarket trip? What pleasant surprises await me in the nearby Giant store? How much can I save by taking my shopping online? Are instant noodles promotions in any of these?

Shopping is never a dull experience or a burdensome chore with these promos. Always make it a habit to spot promotions to stretch your dollars for other expenses.

7. Use specific credit cards.

Get instant discounts on instant noodles (and more, of course) when you use specific cards for your Giant shopping! For example, UOB One Card can give you:

  • Up to 8% rebate from your purchases
  • 10% off Giant Housebrand
  • 3% rebate with contactless transactions (Visa PayWave or mobile payment service)
  • Free home delivery
  • Exclusive promotions
8. Always bring your PAssion card.

To be the kiasu shopper that you truly are, don’t forget your PAssion Card when shopping for easy breezy discounts!

You’ll never know when the points you’ve earned will be of use when you crave for your favourite instant noodles and you don’t have cash with you. Remember: You can use PAssion points to pay for your purchases.

For our senior shoppers, carry your PAssion Silver Card and make Tuesday your regular shopping day to enjoy 3% off your purchases.

9. Check out our online selection regularly.

Look no further than the Giant website for instant noodles and instant noodles promotions! Whether you’re hankering for Myojo or Nissin Cup Noodles, Giant will cater to your cravings. Buy in bulk and have your noodles delivered right to your door step.

The Giant online store features other daily essentials, like clothing, home furnishing, toys and stationery, electrical appliances, fresh produce, dairy and frozen goods, baby care, and health and beauty products. Get them all here and tick off your grocery list in no time!

Well there you have it. With these top 9 tips, you’ll never go hungry again. Don’t say we bojio!