Easy HDB Interior Design Tips For Your New Flat

Congratulations! You’re finally moving into your HDB flat. The next step? Decorating the place so that the HDB interior design reflects your personality, lifestyle, and taste. You want to make it feel like home, a haven you can come home to after a busy workday, a place where you can entertain family and friends, a sanctuary where you can unwind and relax—in short, a place you can truly call your own.

Below, we go from room to room and dish out helpful HDB interior design tips to help you personalise your space and put your own stamp on it. The best part is these transformations won’t break the bank! Shop online now or visit one of our branches to find affordable solutions to decorating your new home.

Your Living Room

HDB interior design tips living room

If you love having people over, make your living room as cosy and welcoming as you can—the type of place your friends would love to hang out in. Whether you’re hosting a viewing party, game night, or wine night, here are some HDB interior design hacks to make sure your living room has everything you need to make your guests feel right at home.

Start by placing a shoe rack by the entrance. That way, guests know exactly where to stash their shoes before coming in. It’s a nice little detail that goes a long way.

This shoe rack will keep your place from looking messy and cluttered.

Now this is important: Make sure there’s enough seating for everyone. Get a large, comfy sofa; the more you can fit, the merrier. Buy plenty of throw pillows and floor cushions. They can double as additional seating and make the room even more comfortable, especially if your guests are staying for a few hours.

A large, comfortable sofa is a good idea if you love to entertain. Get a sofa bed, so you’re ready for overnight guests, too.

It would also be wise to prepare a small bar cart in the living room, where you can stash the snacks and refreshments. That way, you won’t have to keep going back and forth from the kitchen and you get to spend more QT with your friends.

Your Kitchen

HDB interior design tips kitchen

If you spend most of your time puttering around the kitchen and are always cooking up something special, then you need a kitchen that works for you.

When transforming your kitchen into a room that would make even a chef proud, take the size and layout of your HDB into consideration and follow these space-saving interior design tips:

Find quality pots and pans that are versatile, so you don’t have too many cluttering your kitchen. Non-stick and stainless steel pots and pans are always good to have on hand. Find yours at Giant stores now.

Find pots and pans that can do double duty, so you don’t have to get as many, especially if you have limited space in your kitchen.

Get appliances that are the right fit. Of course you need a reliable and efficient refrigerator, as well as a stove top and oven or a cooking range. This size and type will depend on the use and the available space.

When choosing a refrigerator, find a size and style that work best for you.

For smaller appliances, place the ones that you know you’ll be using often on the countertop and store the rest in your cabinets. You can also save space by hanging your pots and pans instead. This also makes them more accessible.

Place this rice cooker and other small appliances on your countertop. Store items that you don’t use as much in your cabinets so they’re not in the way.

You can never have enough kitchen towels. In a room where spills are a common occurrence and cleanups are mandatory, you need absorbent kitchen towels that can do the job in a jiffy.

Stock up on kitchen towels for easy clean-ups.

Your Bedroom

HDB interior design tips bedroom

Who says you need to leave the comfort of your home to go on a holiday? Just because you love staying in doesn’t mean you can’t have the best vacation ever. Go on a staycation and have a grand old time without having to put a foot outside your bedroom door. All you need is a little imagination and a few helpful tips to jazz up your HDB’s interior style.

It all starts with a good bed, one that would make you want to spend an entire day lying on it. Make it as cosy as a bed in a five-star hotel. Find a mattress that’s comfortable yet firm, and go the extra mile and buy a mattress pad. A mattress pad provides extra cushioning and keeps your sheets from slipping. Speaking of sheets, find good quality bed covers and pillow cases. Nothing is more indulgent or encourages you to sleep in all day better than the feel of fresh, cool, and soft linen on your skin. And you can’t forget the pillows, of course! The fluffier, the better. At Giant stores, you can find cotton pillows and memory foam pillows.

Add little touches that will make your staycation even more special—a vase full of fresh flowers and your favourite books on the bedside table, fluffy white robes and bedroom slippers, a lighted candle in your favourite scent, and a mini snack bar with your favourite treats. These add to the overall ultimate staycation package feel. Five out of five stars!

Get a mattress that spells ultimate comfort.
Sink your head in a cottony soft pillow and sleep in. You’re on staycation after all.
Matching sheets and pillow cases add to that put-together look you find in a hotel.
Don’t forget to dress up your night table with fresh flowers, your favourite books. You can even turn it into a mini bar!

Your Bathroom

HDB interior design tips bathroom

If you’re big into self-pampering, here’s an idea: Transform your bathroom into your very own home spa! Turn it into a personal sanctuary where you can relax after a long day at work. Yes, you can have a very own spa at home! All you need to know is some interior design tips and tricks to turn your HDB bathroom into your very own private sanctuary.

And nothing reminds us of a spa more than a bunch of luxurious, white towels. Why not go the extra mile and get yourself a nice, fluffy bathrobe as well? Invest in a storage unit and roll up your towels and stack them up spa-style. Get some baskets and containers, and organise your toiletries, so they’re not all over the place. Buy some candles in your favourite scent, so you can light them up while taking a long, luxurious bath. Purchase a bathtub tray where you can place the candle with a glass of wine and a good book. If there’s room, add a chair where you can sit and relax pre- or post-bath. Finally, install a shower head and water heater. There you go! Home spa transformation complete.

Stock up on white bath towels to evoke that luxury spa feel.
Declutter your bathroom by keeping your toiletries in baskets.
A warm shower after a long day? Now that sounds luxurious.

Don’t forget to get a shelf where you can store towels and other bath essentials. Maybe even add some potted plants!

Your Home Office

HDB interior design tips home office

Do you work from home? If so, you probably already know that having a workspace separate from the other rooms in the house—especially the bedroom!—is important. You know the advice “never take work home”? Just because you work from home doesn’t mean that this saying doesn’t apply to you. If you want to increase your productivity and achieve work-life balance at the same time, it would be wise to invest in setting up your very own home office.

First things first: Find a sturdy table or desk. Make sure there’s enough room for your office supplies and for you to work on your projects without feeling cramped. If your desk does not have any drawers, get a separate drawer, cabinet, or shelves where you can keep your files. Invest in a bookcase, too, if there’s enough room for it.

Finding a comfortable and ergonomic chair is also very important. You don’t want to spend hours sitting on a chair that’ll give you back problems.

Below are additional interior design tips that can help turn a space in your HDB into a functional home office. You can even personalise your space—a cactus plant here, a picture of your loved ones there. As long as it doesn’t take up unnecessary space or add clutter to your desk, go for it!

A long table means you have room to work on your projects and still have enough space for desk and office supplies.
Don’t take up space on your desk by stacking your books and resource materials on it. Get a book case instead.
An open shelf gives your home office a more cosy feel. Plus, everything you need is more accessible!
Don’t forget important details like a dust bin and a desk lamp.

Your Hallway

HDB interior design tips hallway

You love to keep things neat and organised. Your personal hero is Marie Kondo. You hate it when things are scattered around the house and when they’re not in their proper place. Unfortunately, you have no room in your HDB to spare for storage. Fret not, your hallway can easily double as a storage space! All you need is careful planning, the right tools, and simple HDB interior design tips.

Get a narrow credenza or modular cabinets that can function as both storage units and seating! A shoe rack will not only keep your footwear out of sight; it will declutter your entryway, too. If you have a small foyer, open shelves can help keep the space from becoming too claustrophobic. Just make sure to keep the items neat and orderly since they’re going to be on full display. For coats and scarves, you can opt for a wardrobe (if there’s space) or clothes rack. It’s also a good idea to invest in stackable storage boxes and containers. Storage with wheels are also advisable if you move things around often. Good news: You can find these items at any Giant store!

A tall and narrow shoe rack by the entrance declutters the space. You can even use it to store more than just your shoes!
The taller the better! Five tiers mean you have more shelf room for storage.
If there’s no room to add a wardrobe in your hallway, opt for a clothes rack instead. It does the job just as well and doesn’t take up too much space.

By following these simple yet useful interior design tips, you can turn your HDB into a place that is functional and fits your style. Staying within budget is easy and simple if you know what to do and where to get the tools you need at the prices you want. You can get these furniture, appliances, and home decor items from your nearest Giant stores or shop online now to enjoy convenience at your finger tips.