Your Dream HDB Kitchen Design: Tips And Tricks To Make It A Reality
Flipping through home magazines, pinning ideas on your Pinterest board, window shopping quirky accents for your HDB kitchen design… sound familiar? If you find yourself nodding in admission, you’re in the right place.

It’s easy to spot a beautifully designed kitchen: it blends with the overall HDB interior design and the owner of the home navigates through it seamlessly.

But getting to that point of bliss takes a lot of planning, revising, and more planning. Whether you’re renovating to modernise your kitchen, expand your cooking space, or accommodate special needs of family members, at the end of the day, remodeling means a step towards your dream kitchen. Let’s make it happen!

HDB Kitchen Design

Achieving the HDB Kitchen Design You’ve Always Wanted

Maximise effort and budget for your HDB kitchen design with these breezy tips:

Start with functionality.

Draw your ideal HDB kitchen design, marking where major components like stove, sink, and refrigerator should be. Their locations should form a triangle so you can ease your way through each part during meal preparation or clean up. Start thinking of the varieties, like if you need a gas range or an induction cooker. Don’t forget to identify where power and water sources should be.

HDB kitchen design induction cooker
Get this induction cooker for your HDB kitchen.

Consider foot traffic.

The layout of your HDB kitchen design should be efficient enough that other residents or guests who need to pass through to get snacks or help out with the cooking will have space to tread on. Imagine how you’ll open doors of cabinets, refrigerators, and the like to make sure they’re not getting in the way. Or how about doing away with doors by using shelves?

HDB kitchen design shelf
This space-saving shelf is perfect for your kitchen.

Got children?

You may want an HDB kitchen design where you’ll see them play while you’re cooking. You’ll also need to embed childproofing in your choice of fixtures (not just in the kitchen but in the whole HDB interior design, really). What about raising your oven to adult height so your curious children won’t get into accidents?

HDB kitchen design oven
Keep the kids safe in the kitchen by keeping appliances away from their reach.

Bring out the best in a tight space.

Feeling a bit unmotivated because of your small kitchen space? Fret not! You can maximise the walls by installing shelves and cabinets up to the ceiling for your cooking tools or be more budget-friendly by installing hooks for your pans! Windows can also give the illusion of a larger space—plus the natural lighting may help you save on electricity and it’ll be easier to air out stinky tofu!

HDB kitchen design hanging hooks
Stock up on these hooks to keep things organised and visible.

Choose the appropriate colour.

White usually makes a room seem bigger and is a foolproof choice to show elegance. Once you’ve settled on the kitchen’s main colour, take into consideration the colours of everything else you’ll put in the kitchen, such as furniture, appliances, and decors. If you’re going for a mainly neutral look, how about adding a pop of colour like kitchen towels or mugs to spice things up?

HDB kitchen design mug
Colourful mugs are a must for your kitchen!

Avoid overdesigning.

HDB kitchen design can be overwhelming with the myriad of possibilities and suggestions from concerned (and sometimes equally excited) friends and relatives. Keep a level head at every decision-making point and remember your overall vision when revising your plan. Sometimes just seeing items like bottles of sauces and condiments in order does the trick of looking good.

Have fun!

It’s important to establish an effective system for your kitchen to be usable. It can also be a challenge to stick to the budget plan. But those should not take the creativity out of the whole process! Among your rooms, your HDB kitchen design should be reflective of your personality the most, so bring it closer to your heart by adding a personal touch. Think you can add a message board to post booster quotes at the start of the day?

HDB kitchen design board

Your HDB kitchen design is not just a project, it’s an investment.

Renovation increases the value of a property so make the most out of it. You might be thinking of furnishing your revamped space with second hand furniture but consider if this is the wisest decision for you given the added time, resource, and patience requirements. The safest bet may still be to buy brand new.

We hope these tips helped prep you for your journey to a better kitchen. Giant is your one-stop-shop for practical and stylish HDB kitchen design needs. Visit any of Giant’s branches or shop online now, and start ticking off that shopping list!

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