Giant Gift Shopping Challenge: How Far Will $200 Take You?
With so many people scrambling to do their last-minute Christmas shopping, we thought we’d have a little fun amid the holiday rush by giving away some shopping money. We went around Giant Hypermarket in Tampines, randomly looked for five lucky shoppers, and awarded each of them $200 worth of Giant vouchers.

All they needed to do was take on our challenge: Purchase gift items for 10 people (friends, families, acquaintances, whoever!)…and all within the budget of $200! With our camera crew, we followed them around and asked them about the gifts and their respective recipients.

With all the fantastic bargains Giant has to offer, the lucky shoppers easily aced the challenge. Some of them even came in under budget!

  • Don’t forget to check out their videos below and catch them in action!

Lucky Shopper #1: Tiffany

On the day that we surprised Tiffany, she was actually hunting gifts for her students. A special needs teacher, Tiffany knew she’d have lots of gift choices in Giant Hypermarket – Tampines. When we revealed that she won $200 vouchers enough to buy stuff not only for her students but also for her other loved ones, she was overjoyed.

First on Tiffany’s shopping agenda was to get something for her dog. Tiffany, a special needs teacher, bagged several packs of dog food from Pedigree. Happily she exclaimed, “Now I can get one of everything!”

Moving to another aisle that displayed sandwich makers, Tiffany shared, “My dad always makes breakfast for us, so maybe this Christmas, it’s my turn to make breakfast for him.” She then picked a Kumix Sandwich Maker.

Tiffany’s third present was a bottle of L’Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil. “I’m getting this for my sister because she has dry hair,” she said with a laugh.

She went on to purchase the following: yoga mat for her best friend “who used to exercise a lot”; a non-stick wok with a lid for her mom (“I love her cooking. She cooks the best kind of home-cooked food”); a black cap for her church friend; a Unisex FBT Top and an FBT Men’s Sport T-Shirt for her boyfriend; and a Komax water bottle for an old acquaintance—”so we can catch up over a drink.”

Rounding up her gift list was a blouse for her grandmother. “I’m getting this nice blouse for my grandma, so that it gives me more reasons to bring her out,” she explained. How sweet!

Watch her video below:

Tiffany’s 10 Gifts Under $200

  • Dog Food from Temptations and Pedigree – $14.20
  • Kumix Sandwich Maker – $9.90
  • L’Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil – $23.90
  • Activ Leisure Yoga Mat – $15.00p
  • 30cm Aluminium Wok With Lid – $29.90
  • Casual cap – $12.90
  • Unisex FBT Tops – $31.80
  • Thenine Blocks Set – $20.00
  • Komax Water Bottle – $14.90
  • Blouse – $24.90

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Lucky Shopper #2: Bryan

Our second lucky shopper was a primary school student named Bryan, who was then visiting Giant with his family to get groceries. Imagine his surprise when we told him he could shop on his own with the Giant gift vouchers worth $200!

Now this boy was quite decisive with his picks. After giving him the instructions to choose gifts for 10 people in his life, he immediately darted to the toy section, where he snagged three items.

One was a bestselling toy. “I’m getting this Nerf Gun for my childhood friend because he loves all his Nerf Guns and he has a lot of it at home,” he said. His next toy was a “Bubble Gun for my playground friend, so when he gets to the playground he can just blow bubbles everywhere.” He added a Cat Plush Toy to his toy pile for a cousin who’s crazy about soft toys.

Thinking of his parents’ convenience, Brian bought an Activ Leisure Recliner Chair for his dad. “He can just sit by the beach and relax,” he said. For his mom, he secured a Trolley Duffel Bag. “I’m getting this bag for my mom. So when she goes grocery shopping, she doesn’t have to carry her grocery bags. She can just put them in here.”

Next, he got a big bottle of liquid detergent for his beloved grandmother, “so that she can wash all my clothes and make them very clean.”

Other items in his cart included: a Sapling Pen Holder Desk Lamp for his aunt; the JML Light Hover Ball, which is like a miniature soccer ball; and a cute pencil case for his favourite teacher. “She has lot of stationery. I’m going to buy her this so she can put all her stationery inside,” he explained.

His last pick was a red singlet. “I’m getting this for my uncle who is getting too fat,” he said in jest.

Watch his video below:

Bryan’s 10 Gifts Under $200:

  • Nerf Jolt Blaster – $6.90
  • Placo Bubble Gun – $12.90
  • Cat Plush Toy – $20.00
  • Activ Leisure Recliner Chair – $39.90
  • Trolley Duffel Bag – $29.90
  • Top Super White Liquid Detergent – $11.45
  • Sapling Pen Holder Desk Lamp – $10.00
  • JML Light Hover Ball – $22.90
  • Lemon Assorted Stationery Pencil Case -- $2.00
  • FBT Red Singlet – $13.90
Total: $145.05

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Lucky Shopper #3: Alice

A charming housewife named Alice proved to be a very decisive shopper. She amazed us with her practical picks for the people on her holiday shopping list.

Alice first grabbed a Giant-branded stand fan. “I’m going to get this for my brother-in-law. The weather is so hot now. I think he would love it if I give this to him,” she said.

Next, she headed to the shelf displaying hair dryers. After a few moments, she picked up the pink-hued Tefal hair dryer. She revealed, “This is for my sister-in-law. I think she will like it.”

Alice’s next pick was the deep blue Christmas Body Pillow, which had white Christmas trees printed on it. “I will get this for my daughter. I think she will love it,” this thoughtful mother of one said.

“Oh, my neighbour will love it,” exclaimed Alice when she saw a two-tier serving trolley in the bargain bin.

Another item she bought was an Ezion Glass Kettle. “For one of my church friends,” she said. “I will give it to them for Christmas. We exchange presents.”

Alice also selected two packs of Lawell Curtain for her auntie; a trusty Spin Mop for her sister; and a pair of Scotch Titanium Kitchen Scissors—which was her gift for herself. She also scored a drink dispenser for a friend who loves hosting parties.

All in all, it was a pleasant shopping experience for Alice who thanked Giant profusely for their generous offer!

Watch her video below:

Alice’s 10 Gifts for $200

  • Giant 16″ Stand Fan – $19.90
  • Tefal Hair Dryer – $29.90
  • Christmas Body Pillow – $20.00
  • 2-Tier Serving Trolley – $10.00
  • Ezion Glass Kettle – $20.00
  • Lawell Curtains – $35.60
  • Spin Mop – $19.90
  • Scotch Titanium Kitchen Scissors – $22.90
  • 7.8L Drink Dispenser – $19.90
  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolates – $1.90
Total: $200

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Lucky Shopper #4: Nazifah

Although Nazifah doesn’t celebrate Christmas, we still picked her as a lucky shopper because gift-giving is a universal practice after all. Nazifah graciously accepted the $200-for-10-people shopping challenge.

For her first pick, she got a Powerpac Blender for her mother, and a Panasonic steam iron for her daughter.

Nazifah then purchased a Mistral Stand Fan for her brother, and eventually picked two boxes of Lindt chocolates and two boxes of Lipton fruit tea for her sisters.

She continued her quest to get good gifts for family and friends. She picked up the following: two packs of Tong Garden Amore Oat Cookies for her husband, a mini food chopper from Powerpac, and a tub of Farmers Union Greek yogurt for her friend.

Nazifah remembered to get her helper’s favourite snack as well. “She loves to munch on cuttlefish balls so I’m buying it for her. She’s been a good helper,” she said.

“Thank you Giant Super Savers Club,” Nazifah cheered as she wrapped up her shopping expedition with us.

Nazifah’s 10 Gifts for $200

  • Powerpac Blender – $33.90
  • Panasonic Steam Iron – $36.90
  • Powerpac 1L Mini Chopper – $30.00
  • Lindt Chocolate Caramel – $8.80
  • Lindt Chocolate Extra Dark – $8.80
  • Mistral 16″ Stand Fan – $39.90
  • 2 Boxes Lipton Fruit Tea Pack – $19.80 (total)
  • Seawaves Cuttlefish Balls – $10.95
  • Tong Garden Amore Oat Cookies – $2.95 for 2 promo
  • Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt – $7.95
Total: $199.95

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Lucky Shopper #5: Peter

When we chanced upon Peter and his wife, they just came from a visit to a foot reflexologist near the area. Pleasantly surprised by our $200-for-10-people challenge, they cheerfully started shopping for themselves and their loved ones. Their first pick? An industrial fan from Mistral for their home.

Their next pick was an electric keyboard. “It’s for our granddaughter,” the husband and wife said. Peter added, “I’m sure she will love it.”

Enjoying Giant Hypermarket – Tampines’ massive space and selection, the couple took their time getting items for their loved ones. At the end of their gift shopping stint, they amassed the following: a microphone stand for their niece, two bottles of red wine (Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon and Eaglehawk Shiraz) for Peter’s brother-in-law, and four boxes of chocolates (Kinder Schokobons Crispy and Simply Delights) for their friends and relatives.

Peter also bought a bottle of a moisturising cream from QV. He smiled as he declared, “I’m buying this for my wife.”

They also got three packs of nuts. Peter said they were for all their nieces and nephews to munch on when they would come to visit. Peter laughed and said, “I can tell them, ‘You go nuts!'”

Watch their video below:

Peter’s 10 Gifts for $200

  • Mistral 16″ Stand Fan – $39.90
  • Electronic Keyboard – $20.00
  • Mic Stand – $15.00
  • Eaglehawk Shiraz – $15.32
  • Wolf Blass Cabernet Sauvignon – $25.90
  • Assorted Chocolates – $29.60 (total)
  • QV Cream – $34.90
  • Nature’s Wonders Baked Pistachio – $6.95
  • Nature’s Wonders Baked Almonds – $6.30
  • Nature’s Wonders Baked Cashew – $6.30
Total: $200.17

Christmas shopping tip: Go to our blog for more Christmas ideas to make sure you have a festive holiday season!

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