15 Themed Christmas Decorations: Pokemon Go, Disney & More

Have you decorated your home for Christmas or do you still need to pull the decorations out of storage? Take a close look at your selection. Are these ornaments being used year after year? Do they best convey your personalities? Perhaps it’s time to create new traditions and ornaments, or maybe you have your heart set on a themed Christmas decoration? Well, with a little creativity and a couple of materials, let’s bring your favourite characters and themes to your home this Christmas and continue to spread the festive cheers to all visitors.

A Holly, Jolly, Disney Christmas

1. Mickey Christmas Balls

Image By: Alexas_Fotos

Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? Fortunately, you don’t have to go all the way to Disney World to buy those stunning baubles for your Disney-themed Christmas tree this year. Pick up a couple of supplies, and try your hand at creating these Mickey ears!


  • Hot glue gun
  • Permanent marker
  • Cutting board
  • Sharp knife
  • Plastic Christmas balls – 1 large for the head and 2 small for the ears
  • Bows for Minnie Mouse if you prefer

Mickey Mouse ear baubles will bring a taste of Disney magic to your home this Christmas. Just cut the ornament hanging ends off each of the smaller ball and then use the marker to draw out and measure how the ears will sit on the larger ball evenly. Run hot glue around the area where you will stick the ears on the bigger ball. For Minnie Mouse baubles, simply use the hot glue to stick a small bow between the ears.

2. Mickey Lights Up a Home

If you really want to add a dash of magic to your home, use this Mickey-themed Christmas decoration to light up the outside of your home.


  • Plastic wire tires
  • An 18-inch wire wreath frame
  • A 12-foot rope light
  • Two 12-inch wire wreath frames

For this light, you may prefer to purchase an easel for the ornament to stand on, or you could hang it on a wall, tree or fence. This is a really fun and easy DIY Christmas decoration theme the entire family can get involved. You can start by laying out the wreath frames in the shape of Mickey’s head. Then tie them together with the wires and start winding the ropes around the wreaths.

Marvellous Movie-Themed Christmas Decorations

3. Frozen Candy Cane Sleigh

Image By: Crafty Morning

Frozen has been all the rage for some time now, and it’s not likely to go out of fashion just yet. So, why not create a Frozen candy cane sleigh of gifts that looks elegant and festive.


  • 1 larger candy and 6 or 7 smaller candies, similar shapes
  • 2 blue and white candy canes
  • Blue, white, and silver wrapping paper
  • Blue and white ribbon and bow

Place the two candy canes slightly apart and in the same direction. Arrange your larger candy (wrapped in the Frozen colours of blue and white) on top of the smaller candies to create a pyramid. Wrap the ribbon around the candy sleigh and place the bow on top. Voila! An elegant movie-themed Christmas decoration.

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hanging Ornaments

Image By: JD Hancock

If you’re less of a “Trekkie” and more of a Star Wars fan who must have something sci-fi on your tree this year, try making theseawesome Star Wars themed Christmas ornaments.


  • Clear tape or glue
  • Regular paper
  • 1 sheet of craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon, thread or string

This is another simple movie-themed Christmas decoration that can satisfy the entire family this holiday season. You can print the ornaments on regular papers, or even cardstock, and then glue them onto craft foam. Create a hole at the top of the ornament and thread ribbon or string through, tie in a knot, and place on your Christmas tree.

5. Harry Potter Inspired Ornaments

Image By: Gabrielle

Fancy a little magical Harry Potter themed Christmas? With these ornaments, you can bring the snitch to your Christmas tree this year.


  • Hot glue
  • Gold Christmas ball – small to create a similar effect to Golden Snitch
  • Aluminum cup

This Harry Potter inspired Christmas decoration comprises two parts: the body of the golden snitch and its wings. For the wings, use the aluminum cup and cut it in half, refining the edge to create a single item. You can then draw the body of the wings and cut them out. For the Golden Snitch body, use a hot glue gun and try to recreate the Harry Potter design. Once the glue is cold, assemble the silver wings using a little glue. Hang your Snitch wherever you like!

6. The Grinch Stole That Stole Lights

Image By: Sherri Terris

If you’re not the biggest fans of Christmas lights but still want to put something festive outside your house, this Grinch Themed decoration is the perfect option. The good news is that you may already have most of the materials at home.


  • A couple of small brushes
  • 4×8 sheet of coroboard from a sign shop
  • A string of LED lights
  • A computer and projector
  • A jigsaw
  • Black paint pen, preferably a marker pen
  • ½ inch PVC tubing
  • Sample sizes of outdoor paint in green, yellow, and red
  • A handful of washers and screws

This project is a little more complicated than the others but well worth the effort. Place your corobard across a dark room and project a Grinch image onto it. You can choose any of your favourite images off the web. Trace the image with a pencil and then start painting – try to keep within the lines! Once you’ve painted two coats, edge out the Grinch with your marker pen. Finally, cut out the image with a jigsaw, be careful not to peel off the paint and mount your Grinch however you like. You can then string the lights from a corner of the house onto the Grinch’s hand so it looks as if he stole your lights! You may even want to position a flood light a couple of feet away to light up your Grinch.

A Courageous Character-Themed Christmas Decoration

7. Woody’s Cowboy Boot Stocking


Your family is looking for a character-themed Christmas decoration this year? Well, how about this Woody cowboy stocking for Toy Story fans? Fashioned after the cowboy’s fancy footwear, this felt stocking is perfect for holding Santa’s little treats.


  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Stiff felt, black
  • Straight pins
  • 4 gold buttons, needle, thread
  • Felt – scraps of yellow and brown, two large sheets in tan

Get the kids involved in making their own Woody stockings. Help them cut out a template and tape the boot top to the bottom. Cut out two matching boots from the tan-coloured felt and then cut out the remaining pieces per the instructions. Glue the pieces together and match up all the edges. Remember to create a loop for either side of the boot so it can be hung over the mantelpiece and filled with lovely surprises!

Pokemon Go-Themed Christmas Decoration

8. Pokemon Go Hunting in the Living Room

Image By: Glass Elements

Did you get swept away by the Pokemon Go craze earlier this year? If you can’t get enough, here’s the chance to bring Pokemon to your living room and on your Christmas tree. Try these fun-to-make Pokemon Themed Christmas ornaments.


  • Glass balls
  • Paint brushes
  • Acrylic paint that works on glass

These are really fun baubles to make, especially if you love crafts. Stuff the glass balls with yarn or paper – whatever you have lying around the house. Paint your favourite character’s face on the ball. Invite your friends to hunt Pokemon on your Christmas tree!

Anime and Superhero Fun for the Holidays

9. Anime Pins – Fullmetal Alchemist

Image By: Deviantart

Are you an avid anime fan? These anime Christmas pins can get the family in the Christmas spirit, or at least interested in your anime obsession!


  • Craft foam
  • Fabric paint
  • Markers
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Print out your favourite anime character’s patterns, such as Ling, Hughes or Scar and trace onto cardboard. Use craft foam, markers, and fabric paint to trace the pattern and the cut out and glue them onto the pins or magnets.

10. Superhero Ornaments

Image By: Happy Looks Good On You

Why not create a brand-new Christmas tradition this year and gift your family members their favourite superhero Christmas ornaments?


  • Superhero logos from the Internet
  • Clear glass ornaments
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glue

These are extremely quick and easy to make. You can find your favourite superhero logos online, print and cut them out. Take the toppers off the clear glass ornaments and pour acrylic paint into them using the respective superhero colours such as green, red, grey, and blue. Get the inside of the ornament well coated. Pour any excess paint out and leave the ornaments to dry for a day or two. Once they are dry, stick on the superhero logos, replace the toppers, and they are ready to hang.

Modern, Beach, and Unusual Christmas-Themed Ornaments

11. DIY Modern Tree Decorations

Image By: Alyssa and Carla

If you are less into characters and movie themes and more into modern decorations, you’ll love these modern Christmas tree decorations.


  • craft glue
  • papier mache cones
  • pom poms
  • tinsel trim
  • green craft paint
  • a foam paintbrush

Once you’ve created or shaped your papier mache cones, paint them green with the foam paintbrush and then apply the decorations once the paint has dried. For a red pom pom tree, apply each pom pom as you like, using a generous amount of glue and hold each pom pom firmly to ensure they do not fall. For a tree with trim stripes, start at the bottom and apply a thin line of glue around the tree, working your way up. Press the tinsel along the glue line and trim off any excess tinsel. For the trim swirl tree, use the glue to apply a thin line around the cone in a swirl pattern and then follow with the tinsel, pressing firmly. You could top each tree with a pom pom.

12. Super-Easy Coastal Christmas Wreath

Image By: Top Dreamer

If you’re in the mood for a coastal Christmas, but just can’t escape to the seaside, adorn your front door with this beautiful seaside Christmas wreath. You’ll need to dig into your collection of seaside memorabilia for this one.


  • Shells or starfish
  • Sheet of styrofoam
  • White and blue spray paint
  • Canvas drop cloth
  • Glue gun
  • Graphite paper
  • Paint and small brushes to make the sign
  • 19 ¾” precut wood sign, blank
  • ¼” sisal rope

This probably looks more complicated than it is, but it’s so worth the effort. Cut the wreath frame out of the styrofoam (you may have some lying around from packing materials). A kitchen knife works best for this bit. Cut out a couple strips of drop cloth the same width and cover the wring. You can lighten the ring with a little white spray paint. Cut out enough rope to circle the ring and leave some extra to hang the wreath. Make four strips of burlap to go around the ring and the back, then glue them to the ring. Spray with blue paint, creating an even coat. Use the wood sign and paint the background one colour and then use another colour to create a textured background. Print whatever words you want on the sign using a white acrylic paint.

13. Yarn-Wrapped Reindeer

Image By: DIY Show Off

Christmas is not really fulfilled without Rudolph. Try making this gorgeous yarn reindeer head that you can hang inside or outside your home this year. The papier mache head is certainly going to be a talking point!


  • 1 skein of thick yarn – acrylic/wool blend
  • Hot glue
  • Papier mache reindeer head

Once you have created a papier mache reindeer head, you can start by wrapping the reindeer’s face with yarn and secure where necessary using some hot glue. Move up to the ears and antlers, wrapping them in larger vertical portions and then the smaller areas. You should hot glue any loose ends and adjust your yarn to cover the head where needed. If you fancy giving this to someone as a gift, tuck in a couple of festive elements, scented candles and wrap it up!

14. Large DIY Outdoor Ornaments

Image By: Stephen

How could you not feel festive walking past these large Christmas ornaments adorning an outdoor tree? In fact, you can transform your own yard’s tree into a source of admiration this Christmas with these large ornaments!


  • Tinsel
  • Heavy duty tape, for instance Duct Tape
  • Picture hanging wire
  • ½” PVC pipe, cut up into 60” and 32”
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Workbench
  • Heat gun if you have one
  • Heavy gloves that are heat resistant

Making these massive ornaments might be surprisingly easy. Set up your workspace outdoors, or in a properly ventilated area and then place the temperature heat gun onto the nozzle and clamp the gun onto your workbench. Set your heat gun to 500 degrees and put the fan speed on medium. Wear your protective gloves as you hold the PVC pipe close to the heat, carefully moving it back and forth across the heat and turning it around to heat both sides evenly. You could try heating smaller, 4-inch sections at a time. It takes around 5 minutes for the heat to soften a little so that you can bend it in your hands. Keep testing the pipe and start adding a little pressure at a time to keep bending it. Keep working the piping into a circle. You can then drill a hole in each piece of the pipe and string your picture hanging wire through the hole. You may even want to attach the two end sections with strong tape. Don’t worry about how the frame looks at that point. You can finish it off by wrapping your tinsel around the frame using the hot glue gun to keep the tinsel in place. Finally, attach the two circles and add enough wire to hang the large ornaments on your outdoor trees.

Bonus DIY Christmas Decoration for Your Table

15. Christmas Tree Candles

Image By: Ben Salter

There are things we just couldn’t leave out of any Christmas table. Check out these stunning Christmas tree candles from Martha Stewart.


  • Hair dryer
  • Ruler
  • A white smooth wax sheet
  • Tree-shaped cookie cutters
  • Wicking
  • Utility knife

These are easy to make and will impress the guests around your Christmas table this year. Lay your wax sheet on a baking sheet and use the hair dryer to apply a low heat. Cut out a couple of shapes with the cookie cutter and then use the ruler and knife to cut a wax sheet whatever width you like for the height of the base. Cut the wicking to about an inch and lay it near the edge of your sheet. Fold the wax edge over your wicking and roll tightly to your desired thickness for the candle. Trim any excess wax and use your thumb to smoothen the edges. Finally, use the knife to cut a small notch in the top of the candle and manoeuvre the wick. Remove any excess wax and lay the candle flat, fitting your cutouts into the notch on either side of the wick. Apply a low heat again and press firmly.

We’ve shown you how to infuse your favourite characters into Christmas decorations. Make this Christmas an extra-memorable one by surprising everyone with themed Christmas decorations, or gifts.

For more festive ideas, check out our Christmas page.