36 Perfect Christmas Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Love To Use

Why stop at Mother’s Day and birthdays to show appreciation for your Mom? Christmas is coming, but we know getting the perfect Christmas gift for your Mom that makes her life easy can be tricky.

So this Christmas, we take the stress out of choosing gifts by shortlisting 36 perfect Christmas gifts for Mom that she will actually love to use, no matter what her preferences are:

  1. Sporty Mom
  2. Top Chef Mom
  3. Career Mom
  4. “Always Redecorating” Mom
  5. Arty Crafty Mom
  6. House-Proud Mom

No dust swept under the rug, we have made sure to recommend only gift ideas that are worthy for your awesome Moms! P.S Giant’s Super Savers Club lands you deals directly to your email for that extra sweet discount. Savvy buying should run in the family all year round!

1. Christmas Gifts For The Sporty Mom

Aleoca 20” Viaggi Folding Bike

This folding bike is great for Moms who are always on the go! The alloy body keeps things sturdy and safe, while the Shimano 6-gear allows her to tweak her workout. We like the yellow and black colour combination – perfect for your Queen bee! Price: $139

Badminton Set

You can’t go wrong with badminton. It’s a healthy workout active Moms will enjoy that will tones her muscles and improves agility. This racket is sure to give her a solid play at her games. Price: $18.90

Snugglefeet MassagerWhat a treat! Moms are on their feet a lot, whether from buying groceries or those badminton and tennis sessions with her friends. This massager is a comfort to sink into at the end of a long day of hard work, as she binges on her Korean dramas. Price: $149

Nivea Sun Immediate Protection Face Cream SPF50Part of the reason why Moms are amazing is how they keep themselves looking wonderful even with all the work they do. Sporty Moms do this with plenty of sunscreen and Nivea makes sure your Mum’s visage will be shielded from damaging rays when out exercising. This gift ticks the boxes for being both functional and thoughtful. Price: $19.30

Kettler Digital Skipping RopeThis set of ropes should delight the active lady of the house! It features a small LCD screen located in the handle, which provides crucial workout data such as energy consumption, training duration, and number of jumps. Price: $21.90

2. Christmas Gifts For The Top Chef Mum

Mini Chopper

When mom is in need of a portable sous chef, this adorable mini chopper will do the trick. Price: $15

Happycall 20cm Alumite Ceramic Stock PotMoms who love cooking will love this attractive ceramic stock pot with a glass lid that has self-standing and anti-overflow features. The 2.5l capacity is perfect for a small family. This 3-layer hi-tech pure ceramic pot also keeps cooking safe, thanks to its anti-corrosive and scratch-resistant properties. Price: $59.90

Happycall Double Jumbo PanYou can finally afford diamond for your Mum, except it’s embedded in the coating of this double pan. This allows for the use of little or no oil, as well as less smoke. This Korea-made pan is great for all sorts of stir-fry, sauté, and grilling recipes. Price: $89.90

Tefal 36cm Hard Anodised WokWoks are such an indispensable tool in the Asian kitchen. This one tool can let your home chef whip up classics like sweet and sour pork, fried rice, and oyster sauce vegetables with ease. Tefal’s anodised wok is durable enough to last for many years too. Price: $99.90

Simply Living 4-in-1 GraterThe talented chef slices, dices, shreds, and juliennes. This compact grater does all four with ease. It’s a bright fresh green and comes with an attached container to catch all the ingredients when they fall. Price: $5

Corelle PlateVisuals play an important role in food preparation, and plating is half the battle. These plates from Corelle make beautiful Christmas gifts for Moms . The minimalist rendering of a flower will impress diners as they savour Mom’s cooking. Price: $5

Wiltshire Muffin Pan 12 CupFor all the aspiring Mary Berrys out there! Let them bake their creations in these non-stick pans and enjoy your sweet rewards of fresh muffins or cupcakes for Christmas! Price: $18.90

3. Christmas Gifts For The Career Mum

Lint Roller

This is a practical no-nonsense gift for the mother who always wants to look sharp. Your career-driven mom will appreciate having this when she wants to make sure she looks flawless in her power suit. Price : $6.20

Active Leisure Travel Neck PillowSometimes work can get really hectic and your Mom might need a little shuteye at her chair. This neck pillow is wonderfully soft and allows her to take a short break at her chair when she needs it. Pick from green, pink, blue or our choice, purple – because she’s royalty! Price: $5

Kamiliant Spinner Luggage – Verona 57No shoddy luggage for the jet-setting career Mom! This snazzy luggage fits her status as a contemporary executive, fitted with a sturdy, scratch-resistant ABS exterior. Its hard shell has a spacious interior and integrated TSA lock for extra security. The unique city skyline design will make it easy to identify at the belt, so she’ll be one of the first to go. This luggage is available in black and purple. Price: $69.50

GBC Alpha S ShredderAll those private documents will vanish without a trace with this great Christmas present for the career Mom inundated with paperwork. It can take up to five documents at a time and when full, can be easily emptied with its easy lift-off head cover. Price: $39.90

Quartet Magnetic Combo Planner BoardThings can get messy without a planner. Although a book or digital planner is great, an actual board like this can let her see her responsibilities with one glance. It has a calendar template ready to use with a section for special notes and highlights. Price: $32.90

Frixion Erasable Colour Pen
Green is for household expenses, blue is for income, orange is for projects pending and red is… you don’t want to know red. You can never have enough pens and a career Mom will be glad for this Christmas gift of multi-coloured pens to organise her notes with. Smooth writing is always appreciated. Price: $8.90

4. Christmas Gifts For The “Always Redecorating” Mum

Printed Paper PlatesThese plates add a visual flair to the table and are great for parties. Price: $2.95

Horti Premium Seed AssortmentDoes Mom want to inject the home with more greenery? This Christmas, let her nurture these colourful and easy-to-grow Petunias to bloom and brighten up the house with fresh flowers. Two green thumbs up! Price: $3

Giant Tab Top Curtain Full LengthChanging curtains can be an easy way of altering a room’s look, especially when drawn. Let your tasteful Mom pick out her Christmas look by giving her a variety of these full-length curtains from Giant to choose from. They feature convenient button tabs for quick installation and come in different shades. Price: $18.90

Big Corn CushionThese fun vibrant cushions in the shape of corn pastry are sure to delight Mom this Christmas. They add a quirky statement to any chair or sofa around the house. Price: $20

5-Tier Stocker with WheelsThis multipurpose storage solution appeals to moms who want everything looking neat and tidy at all times. Price: $59.90

Airwick Auto Spray Air FreshenerComing into a well-decorated home is great, but why stop at looking pretty? Treat the guests to a fragrant entrance and make a lasting impression. But who has time to keep spraying? This auto freshener has an elegant design and comes in refreshing Lifescents Summer Delight or Sweet Lavender Days. Price: $11.90

5. Christmas Gifts For The Arty Crafty Mum

GBC A4 LaminatorPrecious craftwork pieces and flat scrapbooking projects can be now be laminated to protect them – right in the comfort of home. This machine is easy to use and allows for anything up to A4 in size. You can also laminate prints and family photos. Price: $62.90

Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencils 12sThis set of watercolour pencils is every arty Mom’s dream. The huge range of colours will yield promising pieces, and her imagination will be fired up as she experiments with the double medium of colour pencil and watercolour. Price: $5.50

Simply Living 4-tier Kitchen RackThis mobile rack is meant for the kitchen, but it can serve as a useful rolling caddy for all of your Mom’s art supplies! She can have all her boxes of beads, baubles, ribbons, cardstock, and more filed away in the trays and have them easily accessible anywhere in the house. Price: $24.90

Permanent Twin MarkersYour Mom can use them on ceramic, cloth, and even wood. Price: $19.50

3M Picture Hanging StripsThese amazing velcro strips can be placed directly on any artwork or frame, then stuck straight onto the wall – no hooks required! Mom can finally showcase her works of art, and reposition them anytime she wants. Price: $10

Simply Living BookcaseCraft supplies accumulate quickly and this bookshelf can be used to store her books, cards, and materials for her art, while having some open shelves to display one or two of her favourite pieces. Sculptures or even ceramics will look great against the neutral wood-textured finish. Price: $50

6. Christmas Gifts For The House-Proud Mum

Farcent Charcoal Deodoriser for CabinetSingapore’s got no white Christmas but we certainly get wet ones. Give Mom a couple of these deodorisers to stick inside wardrobes and cabinets to prevent fungus, mildew, and other nasties from happening to your clothes and stuff. Price: $3.70

Black & Decker 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver Set Rechargeable BatteryThere’s always a screw to tighten or a loose cabinet door that needs some further adjustment. Tools are no stranger to the house-proud Mom and this little screwdriver will save her plenty of time and effort manually getting those nuts and bolts sorted out. Price: $24.90

Toyomi Bagless Vacuum CleanerKeeping things spic-and-span keeps the housekeeping Mom happy. She can whirlwind away dirt and dust with Toyomi’s 2200W monster, which eradicates loose debris from carpet, parquet, and tiled surfaces. Oh and it is bagless too, so no more hunting for suitable replacements! Price: $120

Tefal Garment SteamerTricky garments can be straightened and neatened with this garment steamer. It’s incredibly easy to use and sure beats pressing a heavy iron over a board. Price: $199

Giant Shoe RackHaving multiple shoes is common, but when the whole household has several pairs, it makes tidying and cleaning a nightmare. Not to mention the smell! Make tidying up less stressful with this spacious shoe rack that can easily hold 15 or more footwear, with extra high shelf space for those clunky boots. Price: $69.90

Air CoolerWith the haze becoming an annual event, the worried house Mom can rest her mind with this powerful air cooler that also has air purifier capabilities. Price: $198

Moms are special, and that’s why we consider nothing but the best presents for Moms this holiday gifting period. We hope this list of Christmas gifts helped you figure out what to get for your Mom. Don’t delay your shopping till the very last minute! Merry Christmas!