Awesome! These Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas = Happy Co-workers

Ah, it’s that time of the year again. A time when mysterious trees that originally belonged in icy lands and snowy blizzards start popping up everywhere on our wonderful, tropical, red dot. Christmas is coming, and you are probably wondering: “What gifts should I buy this Christmas?” More specifically, what affordable Christmas gifts should you buy your co-workers this year? We at Giant have you covered! We’ve come up with a list of cheap Christmas gift ideas for your co-workers so that you don’t get stuck figuring out what to buy!

How We’ve Structured this Guide

The items we selected for our “inexpensive Christmas gift” guide for office colleagues have these in common:

  1. They are affordable, costing no more than $100
  2. They are gifts that your co-workers would find useful in their work and lives
  3. They make a good time (of course, who can forget the fun and games that offices hold during Christmas? Games like Secret Santa and Desk Thief all go hand in hand with gift exchanges)

As a bonus, we’ve even structured this guide to show the perfect gift idea for the different types of personalities at the office! Sixteen personalities, to be exact, based on the famous Myers-Briggs test. Do you recognise any of your co-workers here?

Personality 1: The Architect

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited

The Architect is an imaginative and strategic thinker who has a plan for everything.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Architect

The best gift ideas for Architect types might be gifts that help them in their everyday planning, since they spend lots of time thinking and penning down their thoughts.

Iconia TabletThis seven-inch tablet allows The Architect co-worker to easily pen down his thoughts while he’s thinking of the next best direction to take the company to. Price: $50

Soundtech 8W LED Table Lamp DL-108Planners often spend lots of time at their desks. That’s where this beauty comes in. The Soundtech Table Lamp comes with an easy access touch sensor control panel, which allows your co-worker to easily adjust the brightness level to their preference. Another plus point: this lamp comes with an eye fatigue reduction flicker free glare! Price: $94.90

Personality 2: The Logician

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Logician has an insatiable appetite to devour new knowledge, and make sense of everything around them. They also love to create. The best gifts for Logician types are those that allow them to learn new things, and grow their already large knowledge vault.

Best Christmas gift ideas for The Logician

With a huge appetite for knowledge comes a huge need for storing all that knowledge. The Logician is constantly seeking new information, and chances are, they are heavy users of technology.PB7800 Portable Battery Bank This gorgeous portable battery ensures that your Logician co-worker can constantly satisfy his need to devour new information from his phone, without any fear that it will run dead. Available now on discount, it’s a sure win to make your Logician co-worker happy. Very happy. Price: $5

7 Assorted Varieties Chocolate 400gWe know what you are thinking: “Chocolates are so cliche!” Not when you are gifting the Logician Co-worker. According to the Scientific American, “Thinking takes up 10.8 calories every hour or 0.18 calories each minute.” This means that your Logician co-worker is constantly losing energy during all the brainstorming. Chocolate not only provides energy replenishment, it also introduces endorphins, so that your Logician will not only feel full but satisfied with your gift.

Personality 3: The Commander

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited Commanders are bold, imaginative, and strong-willed leaders, always finding a way – or making one. The commander in your office? Probably your superior, or even your chief officer.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Commander

Ah, the most dreaded question when it comes to co-worker Christmas gifts – what should I gift my boss? While it might seem hard to please your boss, a good way to figure out the best Christmas gifts for your boss is to look at their daily schedule, then fit your gifts in between.2-Way Magic Pillow Does your boss travel a lot? If so, gifting them this magic pillow to make their trip more comfortable on long overseas trips will make them remember you like no other. Your boss or co-worker can use it as a neck pillow for long flights, or a comfortable pillow for their stay at the hotel. Brilliant!

0940 Double Wheel Exerciser If the Commander in your office has a daily workout routine, then the Kettler Double Wheel Exerciser is a sure bet.Meant for both the moderate and the advanced user, this piece of equipment uses more range of motion than traditional core exercises. It features a comfortable soft foam grip, which provides comfort while burning those calories. Price: $20

Personality 4: The Debater

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Debater is smart, curious, and cannot resist an intellectual challenge. If you have a Debater in your office, you might have been struck by his witty questions, an honest desire to learn how and why things work the way they do, and strong opinions about how things could change.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Debater

Vic Laptop PortfolioThe Debater is most likely also a geek who cares about where he places his work documents. This nifty bag not only keeps your Debater colleague well organised, it also helps to keep him at the top of his game when he presents himself. Price: $35

IFAN 10″ Air Circulator Fan IF7656While the Debater is fun, witty, and great to talk to, sometimes heated debates can cause, well, heat! That’s where the IFAN circulator fan comes in. With a 10” diameter and multiple speed adjusters, your Debater colleague can place this anywhere on his table to cool him down after another verbal sparring session. Price: $99.00

Personality 5: The Advocate

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Advocate is quiet and mystical, yet an inspiring and tireless idealist. The Advocate in your office might be the guy or lady who has silent ambitions – they are either part of some community club that helps the needy, or are pushing for some change in the world.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Advocate

Auto Spray Air Freshener – LifeScents Sweet Lavender DaysThe Advocate would most probably enjoy a quiet evening to indulge in his favourite hobbies. The Life Scents Air Freshener comes at the top of our list to freshen up your Advocate co-worker’s hobby place – so that he can keep on pushing for change in the world. Price: $11.90

Personality 6: The Mediator

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Mediator is poetic, kind, and altruistic. The Mediator in the office focuses on the “why” in his work, and is simply impossible to be “unlikeable” at the office.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Mediator

Mediators care a lot about the “why”. They will appreciate gifts that help them figure out how things work.

Twin Marker 12sThe Pilot Twin Marker set of 12 is perfect for the mediator to draw mindmaps and brainstorm. Perfect for them to get their points across easily! Price: $19.50

Personality 7: The Protagonist

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The protagonist is a charismatic and inspiring leader, who can mesmerise his listeners. Ever listened to a co-worker and wished you could command attention as easily as he could? Chances are, he’s a protagonist. Protagonists command irresistible charm, and make everyone sit up when they talk.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Protagonist

Hope Eau De Toilette 50mlTo the Protagonist, nothing is more important than his charm. He will surely appreciate a gift that lets him take his charm up a notch this Christmas. Featuring a sweet yet mild scent, the Silkygirl Hope fragrance helps to boost the confidence of your Protagonist colleague. Like they say, if you want to look and talk well, smell good first! Price: $15

Personality 8: The Campaigner

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Campaigner is enthusiastic, creative, and sociable. This free spirit somehow always finds a reason to smile (in a normal way). If you have a Campaigner as a Co-worker, chances are that he works in the creative space. A designer, writer, or even the office cheerleader, he can always get along with everyone, and let every colleague feel like they belong.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Campaigner

For the highly sociable Campaigner, why not give him an extra reason to smile this Christmas, with some lovely champagne?

Bottle of Victoire Champagne Brut PrestigeThis beautiful brew from Victoire features a rich, flavourful, and sparkly taste that is sure to blow away any office Christmas party. Champagne helps to open conversations, and this brew will take them to the next level. Price: $60.00

Personality 9: The Logistician

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Logistician is a practical and fact minded individual, and his answers to your questions are as credible as the dictionary. Logisticians are easy to spot. They commonly work in management, finance, or any role that requires solid decision making for the entire firm.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Logistician

Being a great Logistician requires solid support when making decisions. Sitting at the desk and having to make management decisions all day can strain your Logistician colleague’s back and health.

Kneadmaster Fullback MassagerThis Kneadmaster is our ideal gift for the Logistician co-worker. Not only do the Kneadmaster’s rotating massage heads follow the motions of a Shiatsu massage, it helps to relieve aching muscles and joints. Perfect after a long day at work! Price: $88.00

Personality 10: The Defender

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Defender is a very dedicated and warm protector, always ready to defend his loved ones. The Defender at the office is almost always a motherly figure, caring about the nitty gritty of each co-worker’s lives, such as whether they’ve had breakfast or whether they rested well.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Defender

Tefal 30 cm Pure Chef Non-stick Wok Pan with LidCelebrate the Defender’s willingness to care for others by giving him the perfect wok to care for his family! This Tefal Pure Chef pan has a non-stick surface and a tight fitting lid. Price: $69.90

Personality 11: The Executive

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Executive is an excellent administrator, unsurpassed at managing things or people. The Executive at the office is often in HR, Administration, Project Management, or Executive Management.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Executive

Sometimes, the simplest of gifts can mean the world to others. Especially if it is practical and useful in their everyday lives.

Team A5For the Executive, nothing can be more irritating than not having everything well organised. That is why a nifty notebook that helps keep everything in check is necessary. Price: $4.50

Quartet Magnetic Combo Planner BoardIf a notebook doesn’t quite fit the method of organisation that your Executive co-worker needs, consider this Quartet Magnetic Combo Planner. Not only does this planner offer a great way to check his responsibilities for the month at a glance, ample spaces in the planner let your co-worker add notes and highlights as he sees fit. Price: $32.90

Personality 12: The Consul

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Consul is extraordinarily caring and sociable. In the office, The Consul is the person to go to for anything you need help with. That’s why the Consul is also one of the most popular characters around!

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Consul

Snugglefeet MassagerIf there’s a Consul in your office who helped you with your career, why not return him the favour this Christmas? The Snugglefeet Foot Massager relaxes the feet after a long day at work. Perfect for showing that you care, too. Price: $149

Personality 13: The Virtuoso

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited People who are Virtuosos are bold and practical experimenters, masters of all kinds of tools. Virtuosos are normally in R&D, or Engineering. These are the people who don’t know what failure is. They only know testing and iterating are the surest ways to get something done. Virtuosos are normally well oriented with different tools, and the best gifts for them are, well, more tools to speed up their projects!

Best Christmas gift ideas for The Virtuoso

4.8V Screwdriver Kit W/ 15pcs Bits KC4815KA15-XDFeaturing a lightweight box that holds the entire set together, this Screwdriver Kit holds an impressive array of DIY tools that can help the Virtuoso get any DIY job done – fast. Price: $38.90

Personality 14: The Adventurer

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Adventurer is a flexible and charming artist, always ready to explore and experience something new. The Adventurer is likely to be in a creative role, such as a visual artist, or a musician. They are a joy to work with, because they bring all kinds of fresh ideas to the table.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Adventurer

Water Colour Pen with Stamp 24sNothing excites the Creative more than the ability to use different colours to express his thoughts. With this pack of watercolour pens, your Adventurer co-worker can bring his ideas to life! Price: $7.90

Personality 15: The Entrepreneur

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Entrepreneur is a smart, energetic, and very perceptive person, who truly enjoys living on the edge. The Entrepreneur in your office most likely comes from Sales or Business Development, and his KPIs rely on the amount of new business he acquires for your company. That’s where he is in his element.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for The Entreprenuer

If your Entrepreneurial co-worker is always on the go, then his gear must be primed to be always ready, too.

Yeti BackpackThe American Tourister Yeti Backpack is the ideal gear for the Entrepreneur. Featuring multiple compartments for packing convenience, this is the perfect companion for the ever busy, ever on the go Entrepreneur. Price: $75

Personality 16: The Entertainer

Source: NERIS Analytics Limited The Entertainer is spontaneous, energetic, and enthusiastic. Life is never boring around him. Entertainers as co-workers are not hard to spot. They are usually the life of the party, and everyone tries to get him to go for lunch or drinks with them. Naturally, the best gifts to get these people are those that help them to connect with more friends.

Best Christmas gift ideas for The Entertainer

Entertainers love to connect with their co-workers, and their friends. So why not make it easier for them to do so?

Bluetooth SpeakerThis speaker boasts of full range sound quality. It plays wireless music streamed directly from smartphones or tablets. Price: $50

That’s all the cheap Christmas gift ideas for you to consider for your co-workers.