50 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For The Perfect Man

Ah, Christmas holidays! Finally, the much needed time to leave work behind and reconnect with family and friends. And indulge in delicious seasonal treats. But, many of us spend the weeks leading up to the holidays searching for gifts for our loved ones. It gets even more chaotic if you are trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for that special man in your life. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the best Christmas gifts for men. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 50 fantastic Christmas gift ideas for him.

Christmas Gifts for Him

As you make that list and prepare to check it twice, be sure to check out these sure-to-please Christmas gifts, perfect for the man in your life.

1. Digital Safe Box

For some reason, safes always remind people of spy movies. Your guy will have fun putting in his treasures inside this digital safe box with a 10-kilogram capacity. Price: $109

2. Western Digital Portable Hard Disk 2 TB

Help him solve his digital storage issues with this great gift. Because sometimes he needs a bit more storage space for his movies collection, the Western Digital external portable hard disk offers 2 TB of space. It’s ideal for any gamer or anyone who enjoys downloading/saving movies and shows. This unit has both USB 3.0 and 2.0 compatibility. Price: $139.00

3. PowerPac Wet & Dry Vacuum PPV1500

It’s all about power! He’ll love the powerful suction of the PowerPac Wet & Dry Vacuum. You’ll love how often he’ll use it to keep his workroom clean. It’s compact enough so storage is easy, yet it offers the right amount of cleaning power to handle all types of jobs. Price: $44.90

4. Dual Oscillation Fan

Stuffy office? No problem, this Dual Oscillation Fan is able to blow air in two different directions. Standing at just eight inches, it also boasts of low power consumption. Plus, it looks like something from a sci-fi movie. Price: $89.90

5. Phone Holder from Fly

Give Dad and the other men on your gift list this handy Fly Phone Holder for the car. He’ll love that he can run his favourite map App to navigate while driving and never have to worry about the phone sliding off the seat or console. Price: $13.90

6. Dual Camera DVR

For the guy who loves gadgets, be sure to have a new dash camera wrapped and ready under the Christmas tree this year. It’s a fun Christmas gift for your boyfriend, husband, or dad — every man will want one in his car. Price: $20

7. Octime Highball Glass

Help stock his bar with chic drinkware like the Octime Highball Glass Set. The set features six highball glasses, each with a 320 milliliter capacity. These attractive glasses are perfect for cocktails and great for entertaining during the Christmas holidays. Price: $13.90

8. Weighted Kettler Foot Bands

After indulging during the holidays, help your man get back on track with his fitness program with the weighted Kettler foot bands. These are a must for any man’s training program or running sessions, as they work the muscles to a higher intensity. Price: $29.90

9. Sonic Gear Studio 2 Headset

He’ll enjoy an escape with the Sonic Gear Studio 2 Headset that features comfortable headphones for private listening plus a built-in mic, a great addition for any gamer. The headset in black looks as good as it feels on. Price: $35.90

10. Toshiba 16 GB Thumb Drive

The Toshiba thumb drive with 16GB of storage space is just what you need for something special in his Christmas stocking. It’s the kind of tech every guy needs to store work files, photos, and videos from his phone, and even music and game data. Price: $8.90

Christmas Gift for Husbands: First Year of Marriage It’s your first Christmas as husband and wife, so you want to find just the right gift for him. We’ve found several Christmas gift ideas that need to be added to your list today.

11. Black & Decker Cordless Screwdriver Set

A great gift for your Mr. Fix-it, the Black & Decker cordless screwdriver set comes with 10 different screwdriver bits plus a rechargeable battery. It’s perfect for the garage, workshop, or around the house when you want him to hang those framed wedding and honeymoon pictures. Price: $24.90

12. Philips Wet/Dry Styler

During that first year of marriage, life can be hectic. With the Philips Wet/Dry Styler he can save time grooming his beard. It can be used with water or without and comes with three different trimmers. It makes shaving easy and quick, leaving more time for the two of you to spend together. Price: $45.00

13. Water Fountain with LED Light and Glass Ball

Share the gift of tranquility and peace with this calming tabletop water fountain. It features stunning stone work, a glass gazing ball, and LED light. Ideal for the home or office, add this fountain to your Christmas gift list today. Price: $29.00

14. Kamiliant Spinner Luggage in Black

The first year of marriage is filled with exciting milestones. Let him know how proud you are of his career by giving him this Kamiliant Spinner Luggage, just the right size for overnight business trips. Its sturdy handle and wheels make it easy when moving through airports and the unique style stands out on the baggage carousel. Price: $69.50

15. BBQ Stainless Steel Grill

Christmas is the perfect time to treat your husband to this tabletop BBQ Stainless Steel Grill. It’s large enough to grill a meal for friends, yet compact enough for an apartment patio or other small spaces. Price: $50.00

16. Simply Living Open Shoe Rack

After a year of being married, have you discovered you’re not the only one with a shoe collection? Give him his own personal storage with the Open Shoe Rack from Simply Living. Stylish, with clean lines, this piece of furniture holds several pairs of shoes or other items. It measures 117x38x60cm. Price: $39.90

17. Bottle of Victoire Champagne Brut Prestige

Elegant, simple, and unforgettable — that’s what a bottle of champagne says when opened on Christmas morning. Celebrate your first Christmas as a married couple with champagne from Victoire, toasting the decades to come filled with happiness and love. Price: $60.00

18. Samsung 32″ Flat Screen HD Television

Treat him to a 32″ flat screen, HD TV for his man cave. This Samsung television is a J4003 Series 4 set with advanced picture quality, colour enhancement, and rich, clear sound. The design is sleek and slim, so it fits effortlessly into many different spaces. Price: $315.00

19. Akira HDMI Media Player

Easily stream favorite movies, shows, music, and more with this HDMI Media Player from Akira. It features USB input, built-in Dolby AC-3 Decoder, HDMI output, and high clarity picture zoom. It’s compatible with DVD, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW, and more. Price: $46.90

20. Canopy Bath Towel: DIY Monogram

Do something extra special, personalise a white Canopy bath towel with your husband’s monogram. Have the monogram embroidered in a coloured thread to match your bathroom décor or DIY if you prefer and love a fun project. It’s original and a gift he’ll treasure. Price: $15.90

Do something extra special, personalise a white Canopy bath towel with your husband’s monogram. Have the monogram embroidered in a coloured thread to match your bathroom décor or DIY if you prefer and love a fun project. It’s original and a gift he’ll treasure. Price: $15.90

Cool Christmas Gifts for Men

Whether he’s a hipster always on trend or a classic traditionalist, the next group of men’s Christmas gift ideas are definitely cool and sure to please.

21. SoundTech Universal Travel Adaptor

Nothing is more cool than a gadget he can use for work or leisure. The SoundTeoh Universal Travel Adaptor easily fits into any luggage or bag and is compatible for running (and charging) his devices in more than 150 different countries. It’s a dual USB charger with LED power indicator. This adaptor also is heat-resistant and fire-proof. Price: $31.50

22. Krups Mini Me Coffee Machine

Ideal for the office or home, the Krups Mini Me Coffee Machine makes the perfect cup of coffee every time. There’s no need for measuring grounds, messing with filters, or waiting for a whole pot to brew. All he has to do is pop an individual coffee pod (also available in tea, hot cocoa, and cider) into the machine and — bam! Hot, delicious brewed coffee. Price: $199.00

23. Aleoca Tail Light Laser

It’s something that he may not buy for himself, so why not add it to your Christmas gift giving list? The Aleoca Tail Light Laser is a great addition for his bicycle, combining function with a state-of-the-art design. The bright light offers safety and he’ll love how it looks on the bike. Price: $26.90

24. Mistral Tower Fan with a Remote

This tower fan from Mistral takes cool to the next level with its quiet swiveling, multi-speed settings, and handy remote. He can keep watching his program and never have to get up to turn on the fan. It’s lightweight, making it easy to move to different rooms. Price: $159.00

25.8-Piece Spanner Set

That special man on your Christmas gift list will appreciate a new set of spanners — you can never have too many tools. The 8-piece set are European style combination spanners (wrenches) ranging in size from 8 to 15. Add this sturdy, steel tool set to the shopping list and pair it with the next featured item. Price: $33.90

26. Giant Tool Box

This 16-inch (40x24x15cm) tool box from Giant holds everything from complete spanner sets to sockets, screwdrivers, fasteners, and more. Go the extra mile for him by filling the toolbox with things like a new measuring tape, screws, and other essentials. Price: $9.90

27. TZLA Slim Power Bank in White/Grey

Who said fun and cool tech couldn’t also be functional? Surprise him with the TZLA Slim Power Bank 2500 mAh. It’s considered the slimmest and lightest power bank world-wide, measuring a scant 7mm card-size so slipping it into a pocket or wallet is effortless. He’ll love that it can boost any mobile device’s power level so it’s never low on charge. Price: $14.90

28. Activ Leisure Cooler Box with Wheels

It’s not much of a “cool” gift ideas category if a great cooler box isn’t included. This cooler from Activ Leisure has a 48-liter capacity, sturdy collapsible handle, and wheels that easily travel over all surfaces, from concrete to tile, grass, and dirt. Great for picnics, camping, and more. Price: $69.90

29. Activ Leisure Outdoor Recliner Chair

Perfect after a long day or as a place to relax during the weekends, the Recliner Chair from Activ Leisure fits any outdoor space from patio to deck and tree-shaded yard. Available in two colours, the chair has a built-in head pillow and easy-recline mechanism. Price: $49.90

30. Miuvo KneadMe Compact Massager

Small, lightweight, and a total indulgence, the Miuvo KneadMe Compact Massager is the ultimate cool gift for your special man this Christmas. It’s designed to fit the contours of the body and provide a relaxing massage any time. Its traditional Shiatsu massage can help with blood circulation plus ease tension from daily stresses. Price: $69.90

Best Gift for Guys in Their 20’s

Shopping for guys in their 20s can be challenging, that’s why we’ve picked several great Christmas gift ideas just for these younger men. Whether it’s a Christmas gift for your boyfriend, young husband, son, brother, or friend, we’ve got what you need to make his holiday merry.

31. Sonic Gear Earset with Microphone in Gold

Wrap up a pair of Sonic Gear ear buds, an earset with built-in mic and styled in brilliant gold. These are a must-have item for any young man, allowing privacy when listening to music in public or when gaming with friends online. Price: $12.90

32. Akira CD/DVD Radio Boombox with USB

Give the gift of fun! The Akira CD/DVD Radio Boombox offers portable, high-quality sound, whether listening to his favorite music at home or on-the-go with friends. It’s perfect for parties, especially events like New Year’s Eve. Price: $109.00

33. Remote Control Car

Guys never fully outgrow their fascination with toys and when combined with cool tech, it’s a winner for his Christmas gift list. This Remote Control Car offers hours of fun for all ages, from your young adult son to your favorite brother. Price: $20.00

34. Ninja Table Tennis Pack

He’s never too old to play table tennis so make sure he has the best and newest equipment. Give him the gift of the Ninja — the Ninja Table Tennis Pack. It comes complete with two rackets, three balls, and a zippered carrying case. Price: $18.90

35. Skyworth 24″ HD-Ready LED Television

Any man in his 20’s will appreciate unwrapping a new 24-inch TV on Christmas morning. This LED television from Skyworth comes HD-Ready so all his favourite programs can be seen in the most vibrant and clearest colours. It has two USB ports, PC input, and two speakers. Price: $169.00

36. Alpha Car DVR

Is he both a gadget and car guy? The Alpha Car DVR X2 FHD dashboard camera is the perfect solution. It provides more than just a record of the drive, this device with dual cameras also offers a variety of features to help improve road safety. Price: $39.90

37. Aleoca 20″ Folding Bike TLS-12

Any guy, especially in his 20’s, will feel excitement when receiving an Aleoca 20″ Folding Bike for Christmas. The TLS-12 model has a sturdy steel frame, full suspension, V-brake, and a 6-speed Shimano Tourney thumb shifter for added convenience. Price: $139.00

38. Bike Cover

If you’re adding a bike to your man’s Christmas list, don’t forget this durable bike cover from Aleoca. The protective cover keeps rain and the other elements from damaging the bike when it has to sit outdoors in between use. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for any cycling enthusiast. Price: $25.90

39. JML Bodi Pro Roller Weight

Give the gift of health and fitness with the JML Bodi Pro roller weight. This compact weight training device focuses on the abdominal muscles, targeting all areas, while also working the back, shoulders, arms, and legs. It’s also portable, allowing him to take his workouts anywhere. Price: $39.90

40. DIY Travel Kit Young men in their 20’s traveling for business or leisure need a complete travel kit. Save him the hassle, and put one together as a special Christmas theme gift.

You can include the following items for the complete travel kit:

Toothbrush kit from Darlie ($2.80)

Active Living travel bottle set ($2.90)

Korjo earplugs 4-pairs ($9.90)

Korjo money belt ($9.90)

Active Leisure neck pillow ($5.00)

Total Cost for DIY Travel Kit items: $30.50

Unique Christmas Gifts for Men

The best Christmas gift for men of all ages is the item that’s uniquely him. It’s the gift that lets him know you thought of him especially, of his likes, hobbies, and passions.

41. Black & Decker 550W 13mm Hammer Drill

Christmas gift shopping for him, your special guy who loves DIY, has never been easier. Add the Black & Decker 550 W 13mm Hammer drill to his tool collection. This unique set has more than 80 accessories including different size bits, attachments, and a durable storage case. Price: $79.90

42. Tefal 30 cm Pure Chef Non-stick Wok Pan with Lid

For the man who loves to create in the kitchen, treat him to a Christmas gift that celebrates his passion for a well-cooked meal. The Tefal Pure Chef Wok pan offers the most even cooking surface that’s non-stick, so the perfectly cooked food slides right from pan to plate. This pan comes with a tight-fitting lid. Price: $69.90

43. Giant Folding Stool with Cooler

He’ll be the envy of his friends when they see what you gifted him for Christmas. The Giant Folding Stool isn’t your ordinary pack-and-carry chair. It has its own built-in cooler, perfect to keep drinks and snacks chilled and delicious. Price: $16.90

44. Miuvo Snugglefeet Massager

He’ll never suspect that this gem is wrapped and waiting for him to open on Christmas. The Miuvo Snugglefeet Massager provides instant relief after any long day, massaging the feet, stimulating blood flow, and enhancing relaxation. Price: $149.00

45. Coleman Hooded Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Hooded Sleeping Bag is just what the camping enthusiast needs. When he’s expecting another tie or shirt, he’ll be thrilled to unwrap this sleeping bag on Christmas. It even comes with its own storage bag so it’s always easy to pack-and-go. Price: $29.90

46. Toyomi 2W Portable Vacuum

Sleek, powerful, and great for cleaning the car, bike, camper, boat, or other small space, the Toyomi 2W Portable Vacuum VC8088HP gets the job done. He’ll love that he can toss it into the trunk or a bag and take it on the go. It’s an unexpected, yet thoughtful gift he’ll appreciate for a long time. Price: $56.90

47. Motorola Digital Cordless Phone

In an age of mobile devices, a digital cordless phone can be one of the most unique gifts to give the man on your Christmas list. The Motorola Single C601 cordless phone has a large, easy-to-read view screen, large number keypad, and docking base. It’s always handy to have a landline and quality cordless phone at home or at work. Price: $59.90

48. Giant 5-Tier Bookshelf

For the man who loves to collect and display his treasures, the Giant 5-Tier Bookshelf is a thoughtful and unique gift for Christmas. This beautiful piece of furniture coordinates easily with your other home décor and has room to display books, trophies, and memorabilia. Price: $39.90

49. Samsung PB7800 Portable Battery Bank

The man on the go needs to be able to recharge his devices quickly and easily. The Samsung PB7800 Portable Battery Bank is the solution. It features dual USB output, LED torch light, and Samsung SDI battery cells. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, briefcase, or travel bag. Price: $49.00

50. Water Resistant TentShow your support for his adventurous side by giving him this cool water resistant tent. Price: $30.00

Christmas shopping for the men on your list doesn’t have to be stressful. Sit back, have an eggnog, and start planning what you’re going to gift the man in your life, this Christmas!