Christmas Gift For Her: 50 Amazing Ideas That She Will Love

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for her is always a challenge. You want to make her happy. You want to surprise her. You want to make her feel special. But you don’t know what Christmas gift to get that will help you do all that! Here is an amazing list of 50 Christmas gift ideas for your leading lady.

1. Capri Pants

Know a lady who spends so much time at the gym? Show your support for her health and fitness routine by giving her a pair of cute capri pants. It’s on trend as athleisure fashion. She can easily wear this when she’s doing light exercises or when she’s out on quick errands. Price: $7.90

2. Ladies’ Belt

Every woman likes to accessorise. Surprise her with a belt perfect for a casual or sporty look. Its durable, braided leather will stand up to her active lifestyle. Metal links give this belt flair and a unique style. Price: $3

3. American Tourister 2-Way Magic Pillow

This travel essential is an amazing gift idea for the holiday season. The 2-way Magic Pillow changes from a rectangular to U-shape pillow in one zip. It molds to the neck and head for ultimate comfort. She can use it as a neck cushion or head pillow. Attach it to any carry-on bag with its smart hook. Price: $22.00

4. American Tourist Han Laptop Portfolio

She’ll love this bag that fits laptops with screens up to 17 inches. A padded compartment will protect her laptop. It’s easy to carry with dual top handles and an adjustable, removable shoulder strap. Multi-pocket compartments are perfect for accessories and personal belongings. Price: $35.00

5. American Tourister Spinner Luggage – Lightrax 79/29 Tsa Black

This sleek bag is perfect for a romantic weekend getaway. Double wheels make it easy to push. It has plenty of space for her clothes. Nothing will get wrinkled in the interior hanging pocket. This bag has a comfortable handle for when you have to carry her luggage. Price: $175

6. Kettler Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is essential for her yoga and pilates exercises. The anti-slip material will give her secure footing. The high quality, durable material will stand the test of time. A practical handle lets her take it wherever she goes. Price: $37.90

7. Kettler Gym Ball with Pump 65cm

She’ll love this versatile 65 cm gym ball. It’s effective for training workouts. Perfect for balance exercises, it will strengthen her abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. A hand pump is included. Choose between purple, green, and silver. Price: $35.90

8. Kettler Figure Trimmer

Does she love to dance? She can twist the night away with this exerciser. She’ll strengthen her waist and hips, and firm up her abdominal muscles. It’s a fun way to lose weight and relax her tired body. It’s the perfect gift for keeping healthy and happy. Price: $42.90

9. JML Smart Wonder Core

She can double her workout in half the time with this dual resistance trainer. It adjusts to her fitness level. She can isolate and train her lower, middle, and upper abs. A full range of motion results in a tighter core. Comes with an anti-slip mat, workout DVD, and exercise and nutrition guides. Price: $149

10. JML Miami Life Trampoline

She’ll engage up to 400 muscles per jump with this fitness trampoline. It’s ideal for any age. An anodised steel frame and shock absorbent non-slip jumping mat will keep her safe. Handle adjusts to her height. Bungee cord spring technology provides the perfect bounce. Price: $199.00

11. Kneadmaster Fullback Massager

She can get a great massage at home. The Kneadmaster’s two pairs of rotating massage heads simulate the kneading motions of a Shiatsu massage. She’ll experience an intensive massage as the heads move along her entire back. Give her the gift of relief for aching muscles and joints. Price: $88.00

12. Snugglefeet Foot Massager

Help her soothe those aching feet after a long day with this great Christmas gift. She’ll feel refreshed and energised after using the massager. It targets foot reflex points and promotes blood circulation and detoxification. Compressive and kneading action will comfort her feet in soothing bliss. Price: $149.00

13. KneadMe Compact Massager

Give her the Christmas gift of massage on the go. This compact massager is small and lightweight. It fits the contours of her body to provide an invigorating massage. She can use it for quick relief to her sore muscles. It’s the perfect gift to ease the tension of daily life. Price: $69.90

14. OTO Spring AB SB-54

She can strengthen her core and develop her abs with this revolutionary tool. The foam cushions massage her back as she trains. Adjustable to her fitness level, she can perform all sorts of exercises. Its ergonomic design provides relief for her back pain. Price: $368.00

15. Deux Hoverboard

Looking for unique Christmas gifts for her? Here’s one! The Deux Cruiser is a self-balance personal transporter. It uses the same technology as Segway. Samsung lithium batteries charge in 2-3 hours. Lightweight, portable and fun to use, she’ll enjoy the relaxing and thrilling ride. Price: $699.00

16. Aleoca 26″ Crossbreed X5 Hybrid Bike

Have fun and get fit with this pink and black hybrid bike. Anti-rust components stand up against the weather. Its 6061 Aluminum frame and Zoom alloy fork enhance its durability. Featuring a 24-speed Shimano Gear system, she can choose the workout she gets on this bike. Price: $359.00

17. Brilliant Aloe Vera Memory Pillow

Give her the gift of relaxation with this aloe infused pillow. This pillow shapes and molds to her body. She can sleep on her stomach, back, or side because it aligns with any sleeping style. It helps to relieve snoring, insomnia, and neck pains. Price: $19.90

18. Simply Living Body Pillow

She’ll rest peacefully on this luxurious body pillow. This pillow replaces the need for multiple pillows. It supports her hips, back, and neck. She can use it for sleeping or cuddling up to watch TV or while reading a book. Price: $19.00

19. Premium Seed Assortment

Here’s a great stocking stuffer for your budding gardener. Choose from a variety of premium seeds. Whether she digs lavender or can’t get enough of unusual cacti, you’re covered. She’ll love this simple and practical gift. Price: $3.00

20. Sharp Air Purifier IGDX10EP

She’ll love this gadget that purifies the air around her. It neutralizes viruses, allergens, and odours. Equipped with an automatic mode, it switches on to combat poor air quality. It even switches on when the level of humidity is too high. This purifier is perfect for the home or office. Price: $299.00

21. Tefal 2400W Hair Dryer Respectissim Pro HV-7420

She loves to look good for you. She can achieve that perfect look with this hair dryer. Its “Respect” function preserves the beauty and vitality of her hair. Its motor is powerful enough for fast drying when she’s in a hurry. This hair dryer comes with two speeds and three temperature settings. Price: $79.90

22. Tefal Optiliss Hair Straightener HS3132

Help her save time and money with this hair straightener. She can quickly straighten her hair without visiting a stylist. Perfectly controlled temperature will protect her hair. This straightener provides shine and prevents static resulting in beautiful hair. Price: $59.90

23. Mistral 5L Airpot MAP520

Does she love coffee? Get her this airpot that will warm her coffee for hours. It’s Dry Boil Protection feature prevents burning. Three dispensing modes includes a touch cup switch. Three temperature options let her decide how hot to keep her coffee. A removable top cover makes for easy cleaning. Price: $72.00

24. Cornell 0.5L Travel Kettle CJKS105TVL

She can make coffee wherever she goes with this travel kettle. Equipped with two cups you both can enjoy a pour on road trips. A removable filter allows for easy cleaning. Convenient storage is available for the cord when the kettle is not in use. Price: $23.90

25. Philips Rice Cooker 1L HD3011

This is the perfect gift to make tasty and evenly cooked rice. Its automatic keep warm feature keeps rice fresh for 12 hours. The inner pot is durable and non-stick for easy cleaning. The one touch button and easy-to-read water level indicator are convenient features too. Give her the gift of easy rice cooking. Price: $59.00

26. Morries 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker MS3028SM

She’ll love this fun and convenient gift. It makes more than just sandwiches. Special pans let her make donuts and waffles too. Great for times when she wants to make quick snacks or sandwiches. Price: $39.90 27.

27. Tefal Blendforce Maxi Glass Blender BL2338

Make things easy in the kitchen for her. This blender features five speeds plus pulse. She’ll find plenty of uses for its practical two liter glass jug. Its unique secure Double Clic lock system prevents accidents. A removable measuring cup makes for easy clean up. Price: $99.00


28. Tefal Slimforce Hand Blender HB8538

This is the perfect gift for someone short on kitchen space. Powerful and efficient, it does the same work as a traditional blender. Perfect results are guaranteed as it takes care of all your needs in a flash. She’ll find it extremely comfortable with its exclusive ergonomic design. Price: $99.90

29. Toyomi Power Juicer 400W PJ310

She’ll enjoy this juicer if she likes to make fresh fruit and vegetable juices. No need to cut up most fruits and vegetables. The extra large chute is big enough to fit whole fruits and vegetables. It’s easy to disassemble for cleaning. The chute, strainer, and pulp bin are dishwasher safe. Price: $56.90

30. Akira Digital Air Fryer AFR-650D

Does she love fried foods but avoids them because they’re unhealthy? Then here’s the perfect gift. She can grill, bake, roast, and fry with no or less oil. Using Rapid Hot Air Technology, this air fryer cooks faster and better and saves energy. Price: $129.00

31. Cornell 3 Tier Food Steamer CS202

This will make preparing a meal easy. Multiple foods can be steamed at the same time. The three stackable baskets are break resistant. Automatic shut-off at 105 degrees is a great safety measure. Steamer comes with a 1L rice bowl. Price: $52.90

32. PowerPac 1L Mini Chopper CP813

Make dicing up vegetables and other foods a breeze for her. This chopper features a safety lock. Its two power settings and stainless steel blade will get the job done. It won’t slide on her because it sits on an anti-slip rubber mat. Price: $20.00

33. Sona 6L Electric Pressure Cooker SPC2501

She can fix it and forget it with this pressure cooker. Throw in the ingredients and set the 24-hour timer. Its Keep Warm function will keep the food hot until you’re ready to eat. Its non-stick inner pot makes cleaning up easy. Price: $109.00

34. Tefal Hand Mixer HT413

She’ll love this stand mixer for all her baking needs. It features 5 speeds and a turbo button. The 2.5 L bowl rotates automatically. The mixer comes with a spatula, blender rod, and blender container. Perfect for mixing dough and eggs. Price: $69.90

35. Tefal Snack Collection – Panini/Pancake/Waffle SW856

Give her the gift of great snack making. This set comes with grill plates for toasted-sandwich and waffle-making. She can collect other sets to make French toast, doughnuts, and more. Grill plates are easy to change and clean, and are dishwasher safe. Get ready to snack! Price: $159.00

36. Samsung 32 HD Flat TV J4003 Series 4

Get her the best viewing experience possible. This TV’s advanced picture quality will let her see colours as they were meant to be seen. She can enjoy movies, photos, and music saved on a USB memory drive or HDD. Multiple HDMI inputs turn the TV into a multimedia entertainment center. Price: $315.00

37. Akira HDMI Player PD3369HD

Let her watch DVDs in high definition. Give her this HDMI player that features USB input. Experience awesome sound from the built-in Dolby AC-3 decoder. Its HDMI output makes it compatible with HD TVs. Price: $46.90

38. Akira CD/DVD Radio Boombox W/USB RCU3300DVD

She can dance and listen to music on this boombox. A digital display and presets help her find the music she loves fast. Compatible with CDs and DVDs this boombox is perfect for all types of media. She can even listen to music saved on a USB memory drive. Price: $109.00

39. FBT Unisex Shorts

You can’t go wrong with these unisex shorts made from high-quality shiny nylon. Foot Ball Thailand (FBT) is one of Asia’s most popular sporting brands. These shorts feature an interior key pocket. She’ll get the best fit from the elastic waistband with draw cord. Choose from 3 colours and XS – XL sizes. Price: $11.90

40. FBT Unisex Long Pants

She’ll love these FBT long pants. They’re great for the track. Extended leg zippers make these pants the perfect warm ups for basketball and soccer players. Choose from blue or black, and sizes S – XXL. Sporting the well-known FBT logo she’ll be one stylish athlete. Price: $19.90

41. Tefal 32cm Classic Wokpan with Glass Lid

Everyone will rave about her mouth-watering, stir-fried meals. This pan’s Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator tells her the perfect temperature to begin her cooking. Non-stick coating on the inside and out make cleaning up easy. Prometal coating prevents scratches and abrasions. She’ll love this wokpan that simplifies and adds convenience to her life. Price: $89.90

42. Tefal 26cm Emotion Stainless Steel Stewpot with Lid

Give her this gift and she’ll make the perfect stew every time. Its extra thick high impact bonded base prevents deformation over time. It’s also guaranteed to diffuse heat uniformly for delicious, evenly-cooked results. Non-stick interior makes cleaning easy. This pan has received high marks for accurate cooking. It’s guaranteed for ten years. Price: $109.00

43. Tefal 28cm Emotion Stainless Steel Frypan

She’ll love this elegant looking stainless steel frypan. Its Thermospot technology lets her know when the optimum temperature for cooking has been reached. The pan’s titanium non-stick coating makes it durable and easy to clean. The stylish handle is comfortable to grip. It’s also oven safe up to 175 degrees C for up to one hour. Pour sauces and cooking juices easily with its flared lip. Price: $69.90

44. Water Fountain with LED Light & Glass Ball 21X17X25cm

This water fountain adds a tranquil accent to any home. She’ll fall in love with its elegant yet rustic design. Relax as you listen to the water flowing through its multiple levels. It’s durable and easy to maintain. The LED light adds beauty to night time viewing. Price: $29.90

45. Black & Decker 7.2V Wet & Dry Dustbuster Vacuum

Perfect for cleaning up wet and dry messes, this vacuum is light and simple to use. It has a sleek cordless design. Its 6 ounce removable bin empties easily. This vacuum comes with a sueegee attachment and a crevice tool for tight spots. Cleaning up wet and dry messes has never been more simple for her. Price: $39.90

46. Innovare 1 Fan Laser Shower Head 1s

Give her the gift of relaxation. Surprise her by installing this sleek and modern shower head in her bath. Wide shower effects make for a soothing bathing experience. This shower head is ideal for medium to high water pressure. It fits most standard shower fixtures. Price: $19.90

47. Alpha Car DVR ADV80 FHD

Give her the gift of security. The ADV-80 doubles as a HD camera and professional HD Car DVR. It takes 1.3 megapixel pictures. It also records 1920*1080P HD videos for perfect video images. Compact and power-saving, this DVR can go everywhere she goes. Play its video file back via a HDMI connection to an HD LCD TV. Price: $29.90

48. Black & Decker Car Vacuum Cleaner 12V AZ1205

This Black & Decker Autovac will let her keep her car spotless. It’s powered through a 12V DC outlet such as a car cigarette lighter. The 5 meter long cord allows her to easily reach all areas of her vehicle. It comes with a brush attachment for awkward areas and tight spots. The vacuum also comes with a long crevice tool to clean between the car seats. This Autovac is easy to use, especially if you surprise her by cleaning her car. Price: $22.90

49. Kettle Grill 45cm

Barbecuing isn’t just for the boys. She’ll enjoy the retro design of this kettle grill. It has modern features such as sturdy handles and a drip tray for grease. Large wheels make it easy to move. This grill has a warming rack for stacking up food as it’s cooked. Once she tries it she’ll agree that nothing beats the taste of food cooked on a charcoal grill. Price: $49.90

50. Soundtech 8W LED Table Lamp DL-108

This modern lamp is a sleek accent to any desk or table. Easily powered on and off and adjusted by a touch sensor control panel. She can adjust the brightness level to her preference. This lamp provides wide light coverage. It features flicker-free glare reduction that minimizes eye fatigue. Price: $94.90

You’ve just seen 50 of our favourite Christmas gift ideas for her. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make a list of all the gifts you’re going to get her this Christmas!